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Malefice Vocalist Dale Butler on His Favorite Slipknot Song

Malefice Vocalist Dale Butler on His Favorite Slipknot Song

With the release of our new Slipknot special collector's issue, we're celebrating Slipknot month on, unleashing new interviews, photos, favorite Slipknot song picks from a host of celeb columnists, and much more. So check back right here often. Below, Malefice vocalist Dale Butler talks about his favorite Slipknot song:

"Asking me what's my favorite Slipknot song is like asking what my favourite Pantera song is. All of them! But for the purpose of this, I'll pick '(SIC).' Slipknot have always been one of my favourite bands. Corey is the reason I picked up a mic as a teenager! '(SIC' has gotta be one of the angriest fucking songs ever, and that's what instantly made me fall in love with the band. The combination of down-tuned, messy riffs, massive percussion, a DJ spinning drum 'n' bass loops, and a blood-curdling scream changed my perspective on music forever. I was 13, young and impressionable, when it first came out. There's a lot of music I listened to back then that I wouldn't go near these days. But Slipknot is still a band I listen to now and I'm 25--the mark of a fucking incredible band!

"I first heard the song the day the album dropped. We were sitting in my friend's parent's garage smoking weed listening to Machine Head, which is what we did most days, and his brother came in and was like, 'Check out this shit,' and I never looked back! Seeing it live for the first time, though, was special. I think I've seen Slipknot every time they've been in the UK since the beginning--probably the best live band around for me.

"Creatively, Slipknot taught me to always push the boundaries of my music and never be afraid to try anything. Try explaining what they're about to someone that's never heard them before--its fucking impossible!"

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