Mastodon Premiere New Song, “High Road”

Mastodon2013Mastodon have premiered a new song, “High Road.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The song comes off Once More Round the Sun, their sixth studio album to be released this summer.

“I wrote that on a day off while we were on tour in Luxembourg,” guitarist Bill Kelliher comments. “I was sitting in this rainy city on a Sunday, and nothing was open. I felt like I needed to write something to reflect how I was feeling. I started banging on a guitar. I was thinking Neurosis and The Melvins low-tuned with a little more pop sensibility for the chorus.”

“You can headbang to that one for days,” drummer Brann Dailor adds. “I love the simplicity of it. Lyrically, it’s an angry number where you want to see someone destroyed. It’s heavy-handed in that sense, but it’s the fantasy I felt at the time.”


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  • Chance Eubanks

    While I highly doubt their ability to sing this live, this is one of the coolest tracks they’ve put out in years. It’s got a little bit of all of their albums on it, including a sick ass drop A riff, a spectacular chorus, and a trippy guitar solo that sounds like it came from another dimension. I absolutely cannot wait to hear the entire album.

    • Chronic

      Mastodon have no problems with the live singing in songs like Creature Lives or Oblivion, don’t think they will have any problems with High Road either. Other than that i couldn’t agree more with you, great song analysis.

      • Ben Smith

        You joking? Oblivion they can barely perform vocally live, as well as many songs Crack the skye onwards.. Great band but don’t record so well you can’t do it live. I think this song is weak but thats my opinion. Hunter B side ish

        • James Cameron

          Agreed with Ben. This would be a bonus track on The Hunter. Weak, they can do much better for a first single…

          • Chronic

            I don’t. Definitely, in my opinion, a better first single release than Curl of the Burl. Too good to be a bonus track on The Hunter.. Then again, The Ruiner were one of the better songs on the album.

          • Ben Smith

            If you can find me a live version of Oblivion which does not make you cringe I will apologise lol.

          • Chance Eubanks

            It’s easier to find live versions of Crack the Skye or Ghost of Karelia that have good cleans. Oblivion is a tough one though, lol.

            As for High Road, it blows half of The Hunter away, and as far as early singles go, it easily contends with Black Tongue and completely destroys Curl of the Burl. My only complaint is that the first verse is a tad long. This is basically Mastodon’s version of “The Bit,” by The Melvins. Give it a listen and notice how many similarities there are.

        • Chronic

          No, why would i be joking? I’ve seen them live three times, and two of those times they performed Oblivion almost flawlessly.

  • Master Don

    Wtf is that


    kind of…. yeah

  • octopusshasnofriends

    This song is kool. Also,did anyone realize that the song is called “High Road” and the running time is 4:20….. Coincedence or planned?