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Matt Caughthran of The Bronx Picks the Five Greatest Lakers

Matt Caughthran of The Bronx Picks the Five Greatest Lakers

Besides his hobbies of record-collecting, skating, and, of course, drinking, The Bronx vocalist Matt Caughthran (pictured left) also enjoys basketball. While he plays sometimes, he laments, “I’m short as hell and I’m not dunkin’ on anyone--that’s for sure.” Revolver interviewed Caughthran about his band’s new record, Bronx IV, and while chatting with him, asked the L.A. native and, as such, mandatory Lakers fan to name the Top Five Greatest Lakers of All Time.


5. Shaquille O'Neal “He was the greatest center of my generation. He was an amazing man and had one of the greatest dunks of all time.”











4. Jerry West “He was one of the old-school players that people talk about being great. I’ve seen his magic on videotape, but he really wasn’t part of my era, so I can’t give too much stock in the No. 1 spot, although he may probably deserve it.”











3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar “Master of the skyhook. He used to wear those goggles. I remember, growing up, I got to see him play a couple times. He’s just one of those dudes that was just on another level. He just had a different style than everyone else on the court. He was just from another planet. I remember the first time I heard Ray Cappo from Youth of Today and I thought, Where the fuck is this guy from? It blew me away. Kareem was kinda like that, you know?”











2. Kobe Bryant “One of the greatest modern-day basketball players. A Laker god.”








1. Magic Johnson “He is the greatest Laker of all time. Got to see him at The Forum a bunch when I was growing up. We actually got to play The Forum with the Foo Fighters as Mariachi El Bronx and it was a very cool thing for me to go back to a place where I saw a bunch of Laker games. It was a really cool moment. Magic Johnson has always been the epitome of selflessness and style. He’s a good one to be No. 1--he deserves it.”

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