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Matt Davies of Funeral For a Friend Lists His Five Favorite Photographers

Matt Davies of Funeral For a Friend Lists His Five Favorite Photographers

While Welsh post-hardcore band Funeral For a Friend are gearing up for the release of their sixth studio album, Conduit, vocalist Matt Davies (pictured left; photo by Tom Barnes) has more on his mind than just his group's new music. Between touring and time off the road, Davies has become quite the shutterbug and even has his own photo-blog Hateface. Revolver asked him who is favorite photographers are and what print best represents their work.







1. Alec Soth "I got into Soth's work through heavy research into large format photographers on the Internet. When I picked up his Niagara photo book it blew me away, his ability to capture the romantic heart and soul of a place through it's people, landscapes and objects blew my mind. It allowed me to look at documentary photography's great artistic ability."











2. William Eggleston "'The master of colour photography' is a big influence to me simply because he turned the photographic world on it's head in a punk rock, I don't give a fuck kind of way. If it wasn't for Eggleston I don't think colour photography would have the sway it does in the art photography world now. His aesthetic is like a drug I keep coming back to time and time again, it's his photography combined with the painting of Edward Hopper that made me fall in love with that iconic imagery of America from the 60's through to the 80's.








3. Robert Adams "When it comes to black and white stuff I really love Robert Adams, there's something bleak and yet satisfying about his work. His landscapes are so refined and so open that they really draw you in. It's also a fitting document to the way that 'human progress' bulldozes over the natural landscape at an alarming rate. His work perfectly captures this movement and it's both enlightening and scary at the same time."











4. Geoffrey Ellis (Sad Kids Zine) "Discovering Geoffrey made me understand that I could go back to creating zines (something I did in my late teens when heavily involved in my local hardcore/punk scene) and have photography as the basis. I loved his approach to how he documented his world and his outlet for that, his zine Sad Kids is still a huge inspiration on me."








5. Joel Birch (The Amity Affliction) "I've been really good friends with Joel since Funeral For a Friend toured with Amity Affliction in the UK last year. He had a Pentax K1000 with him and I saw him take a bunch of shots but we never got talking about photography until after the tour was done. I discovered his blog (AM/PM) and was floored by how natural he was, he's a man who again likes to document the world around him but what he sees is really inspiring. His shots just work, it's seems effortless and they really push me to do more with my shit. I've got plans to do another issue of my In Transit zine with just his work. I''m in the process of putting it together to get it out early next year.

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