Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Premiere, Discuss Album’s Sixth Track, “Taking On Water”

Check out this video of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster discussing “Taking On Water,” the sixth track off the band’s upcoming album, IV (Ferret). Stay tuned to as we’ll be bringing you videos of the band giving the background to each song on the record, leading up to its release on September 27. Check back soon for the next one.


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  • Guest

    What the shit is this shit?  Boo!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love it. People, bands make music that they want to make. Don’t tell people what to do.

  • Ahera52

    It’s not about that man..It’s about falling in love with a band because you love their music and style..because Maylene wasn’t like anything else..and now they turned to this? I can turn on the radio and hear this..I mean i’m not saying it sucks..I think it’s great they evolve with every album, they wouldn’t be true artists if they put out the same ol shit every go around..but this does not sound like the same ol Maylene that I fell in love with..and it kinda breaks my heart!

  • mofs81

    What is this, Nickelback?

  • Erikdrury

    So far I think this album is killer. Yea, it’s different but they wrote and recorded an album that they believed in and if they were just doing it for the fans it woudn’t be real, therefore you would sense that and you would cut them up for that as well, so post your opinions but don’t knock the band

  • Max_wisdom32

    where is the disaster in the songs?