Maynard James Keenan Talks Puscifer, Dirty Words, and How the Band 311 Ruins His Wine

Maynard James Keenan has handily extended his reputation as metal’s premiere weird-merchant with Conditions of My Parole, the second full-length by his oddball dust devil Puscifer, via his like-titled record label. Holding a motley assemblage of outlaws hostage in his Merkin Vineyards in the Arizona desert (including indie rocker Carina Round and spasmodic Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore), Conditions plays like Deliverance directed by David Lynch, a tumbleweed pile-up where Revolting Cocks outlaw-boogie meets creeptactular banjo picking. “I can juggle 16 projects and know where the sugar levels are on my fermenting juice while I’m writing a song,” Keenan says, “but I can’t actually play banjo and sing.”
REVOLVER Your first album was titled “V” Is for Vagina, and you have other releases with titles that reference Viagra and the C-word. This is the first Puscifer record without a filthy title…
MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN You don’t know that. Maybe it’s an anagram. Maybe if you rearrange the letters, some kind of poop joke will come out.
And you wrote and recorded half the record in your wine cellar.
The house is attached to the winery, so we had little stations everywhere. The drums, being set up in a big room, it was kind of boomy and cement—it was cool.

Do you think the vibrations affected the wine?
Well, there’ve been studies. If you play certain kinds of sounds to water as you freeze it, you’ll notice the crystals as they form are much more delicate and geometric when you play better music for them. You play like classical music for them, the crystal structures are more organized and defined. When you play 311, they just look like chunks. It just bums out and won’t freeze. When we do ours it looks like a Rubik’s Cube.

Do you ever find any wildlife out there in the desert?
Are you kidding? Fox, coyote, javelina, there are mountain lions and there are cougars. There’s bears around, but not that close. If you’re in Arizona and you see a red-tailed fox almost come up to you, it seems tame. Don’t pet it, because it’s feral. It’s about to bite you.

When you’re out there, what do you and your bandmates do to bond?
Just in that setting, you can’t help but bond when you’re sitting on the porch with a glass of wine and you can see all the stars clear as day. You can’t see those in Chicago or L.A.… You see other kinds of stars, the kind that are puking on the sidewalk.

How many times a day does someone ask you about a new Tool record?
At least 20… Wait, what time is it? 22. Twenty-two times. For most people, where I started was there. Most people assume the success of anything I do is based on Tool, when they don’t realize that I was successful at things long before Tool. Tool didn’t get me in Westpoint, Tool didn’t get me distinguished graduate from basic training, Tool didn’t get me on the student council, and Tool didn’t get me my 12 varsity letters. But the public eye assumes that’s the thing I should be doing. I just hold my tongue and do what I do.


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  • Benji Pietrak

    POOP is an anagram for POOP!!! HAHAHA LOL!

    • Darken_the_light

      Actually, it’s more of a palindrome.

  • D G

    Sorry Mr. Weingarten, “Vagina” is not a filthy word, but thank you for promoting cultural demotions of femininity (i.e. ‘you’re a pussy (pussy = baaaaad),’ ‘wow, that guy has BALLS!’ (balls = gooood), ‘you throw like a girl (girl = bad),’). 

    • Lewis M

      D G, although your point obviously relates to a serious subject, I think if an album had been titled ‘Penis’ he still would have used the word “filthy” in this context. A little too trigger-happy, perhaps?

  • Brendan M. Smith

    Maynard is a genius… tellin it like it is!

  • J sutton

    The last answer is why we love maynard so much. By the way his wine is to die for

  • Rob Bonstin

    So when’s the next TOOL record coming out?

  • Kim

    He’s the shit no matter what band he’s making music with. His voice is AMAZING.

  • Feet Cold Eyes Red

    He kind of sounds like he doesn’t want to do anything with Tool anymore. I hope that’s not the case because seriously want another Tool album!

  • darken_the_light

    How odd to be so distant from “Hollywood” & yet he still manages to get it on his shirt. Wish people wouldn’t pigeonhole him. MJK is a superb artist & has managed to live out his dream without sacrificing his soul….well not much of it anyway. 😉 Mad respect for this gentleman. Cheers.

  • Joel

    I love his sarcasm. Long live Maynard!

  • Jonathan Forgason

    If everyone would read a little bit more they would have found out long ago. I’d have to say that TooL a great success, so is A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, the short films. Now the wine, I can’t find it in Louisiana, can’t wait to taste it. Success comes from where life has taken you.

  • sally

    its Javalina

  • Lewis M

    D G, although your point obviously relates to a serious subject, I think if an album had been titled ‘Penis’ he still would have used the word “filthy” in this context. A little too trigger-happy, perhaps?

  • Jemimabean

    I don’t think that the hallowed MJK is capable of setting a foot wrong, no matter what he sets out to do. And we adore him for it!

  • Cristine

    “The only stars you see out there are puking on the street.” lol

    Could we ever have an interview with MJK where the reporter doesn’t mention Tool? Haven’t they gotten the hint yet?

  • As

    TOOL is better than everything else he’s done put together!  Don’t get me wrong, I like A Perfect Circle, saw them live this summer in fact… but why does he hate TOOL fans so much?  People think that’s what he should do because that band is amazing!  At least release a DVD you guys!  Jeez!

  • AngieZ.

    So is Mynard full of himself or what?

    • Jemimabean

      He’s done well for himself. I would be proud of myself too. He has a heartbreakingly beautiful voice and a perspective or world view that makes him a damn good songwriter. I’ll be hard- pressed (excuse the pun) to NOT be a fan.

  • Jennifer Coddington

    so when is the new tool coming out?  (haha)

  • Toolarmymasterchief

    Man i can’t get enough of this guy seriously I could see myself hanging with him and bsing,Maynard thank you for all ur great projects including ur wine taste great much props but u know that even ur anxious to do another tool album and apc because u love to create greatness so give us one more of each and well shutup about it,maybe,peace love and happiness Maynard.

  • latexsolarbeef

    Regardless of your other personal achievements Mr. Keenan, Tool is one the the best things that rock & roll has ever witnessed, and you continue to keep your bandmates on a leash while you indulge in sophomoric side projects. Get back to work ffs.

    • HisHighnessIanMead

      go to jerome–buy an autographed bottle of Judith and see what happens next…you might just end up in bed with Marilyn Monroe. hardly sophomoric–he was when he was in my band, that’s why we kicked him out.

  • Katiephnx

    I’ve always been a huge MJK fan BUT the guy is a dick. Thankfully I don’t have to like the person in order to enjoy them music. I have never seen such an artist like him, he has some major talent when it comes to his music and his wine is great as well. (However over-priced it is.) My problem is that I have been to 7 TOOL shows and now 3 APC shows and I have walked away pissed off everytime. This guy hates his fans, the people who made him what he is today. I have no respect for that.

    • HisHighnessIanMead

      may is the only person responsible for who may is. and, he has a very specific message he is getting across–if you don’t get it–tough shit. enjoy the flood.

    • snapo

      learn some grammer, dinkus..

    • Skooma

      Are you kidding me? Why don’t you watch Blood Into Wine and see how hard he works on that shit, and then tell me you wouldn’t charge what he charges for it. He doesn’t hate his fans, he hates brainless zombies that think they know everything about him just because they listen to his music and go to all of his shows. Just show quiet support and don’t put selfish pressure on him just because he won’t meet and be best friends with you after you see him live.

    • J0rds_

      Your a muppet seriously! We have no idea what he is like as a person this is all bullshit! I have seen tool 12 times in 4 different countries and walked away wanting more every time enjoy the music if u don’t why go? Why listen? Love what we have been given were lucky to even have that! A far as I’m concerned he can do what ever and say what ever

  • Torilife

    Cracking me right the fuck up

  • Martin

    Funny how the familia can destroy just about anything.

  • malydok

    I hate reading comments of the self-proclaimed super fans of Tool who criticize Maynard and the band for not recording new things. Seriously, guys, it seems like you didn’t learn shit from that music.

  • Cristine

    I think people are missing the point. Everyone seems to assume MJK hates Tool fans, or that he’s a jerk. The media has be enthralled with the cult appeal of Tool since the early 90’s. Media is what kills, dictates, and what manipulates artistry. It’s also the reason why the amazing band has been around for over 30 years. People forget that Tool is comprised of 5 amazing and gifted musicians. Not just Maynard. A Perfect Circle was not MJK’s project, rather Billy Howerdell’s who asked Keenan to front the band. (Orivinally wanting a female vocalist). Puscifer as Keenan says, “is a creative outlet that isn’t suited for Tool or APC.

    The man is not defined by his attributes to Tool, but rather his contributions to music, art, and now to the city of Jerome. Many fans love Keenan b/c he is the powerful and mysterious genious frontman. But let’s not forget who creates those incredible time signatures, (Danny) or the intense artwork and direction of their videos. (Adam)

    • Have some d@mn class

      21 years. MJK is getting old, but not that old

    • Cjduffer

      You’re not exactly familiar with Tool are you?

  • Sammy Gravis

    I don’t think he hates his fans by any means. I actually respect the fact that he doesn’t act like  such a bad ass rock star. There are so many factors that go into making a band and the music successful. It’s not about how forward the front man is. Many musician get way to full of themselves and think that they are gods gift to the world. I like that I don’t have to worship Maynard and that he doesn’t want fans licking the rim of he ass all the time. I like the music, he allows me to enjoy the songs without being in my face about it. Every musician is different. Jim Morrison didn’t even look at his fans for a good period of time. Some wear masks and some have crazy fashion choices. It is unique to have a vocalist who is not all about himself at a show. Keep rockin it the way you do MJK.

  • Roman

    Tool is a good band

  • Chris Liebich

    The fans spend all their time trying to figure him out when none of them actually know the guy as an individual. Sure you can look at what he’s been through, what he’s accomplished, who he’s worked with, where he grew up, the things he went through, and how he acts but none of us have actually sat down with him and shared thoughts or ideas with him. Because he’s extremely talented and has a different way of thinking we question him. MJK spent tons of time and effort making all different types music that we all can learn and grow from. Some songs are ugly and some are beautiful, but please tell me you cant learn something from every one of them. Now after pouring everything he has into his art I see comments saying that he needs to stop making making wine and get back to music. I see that as an extremely selfish way of thinking. He is by far my favorite artist not just because of music but because none of it got to his head. I think he realizes that he’s still a person no better or worse then anyone else and just wants to be treated like one. By the way he’s not the only one involved in his craft so stop giving him all the credit. Everyone he works with is also extremely talented also. But what do I know I’m just thinking for myself. You can go back to sleep now. :)

  • R-omeara

    I think he misinterprets people’s interest in him doing more with Tool.  As a fan, I just love the art they produce and would like to see more.  If there’s nothing inspiring them to go back, then I can respect their desire not force a new project, but still, it’d be great to hear some new music from.  However, I’m also thoroughly enjoying Puscifer!

  • BobaFett

    lol Cristine

    30 years? 5 members? wat?

  • Ken Kreisel

    I think people are taking his words a little too seriously, especially his response to the Tool question. Its it possible that he has a great sense of humor?  There’s alot of tongue in cheek. MJK as with everyone,  should do whatever makes them happy.

  • Catwiskers8898

    Maynard baby I want u to do what makes u happy

  • Floidthebarber

    Gol dernit! Maynerd shore do look fine in dat Porter Wagoner doo!

  • Have some d@mn class

    Eh, I disagree with the comments that he’s a dick. He certainly shouldn’t define himself solely based on the success of Tool. That would be incredibly short-sighted and shallow. He’s more than just Tool and I appreciate each of his projects for their own unique attributes. I don’t think he’d knocking Tool or Tool fans, just putting a reminder out there that he had successes before Tool, during Tool and after Tool. Granted, Tool may be the most prominent success based on mainstream media, but from his perspective, he has other things in his life that add to his own self-assessment. Who the hell are we to define him?

    And the wines are fantastic. I don’t say that as a MJK fan, but as someone with a serious wine habit studying for my Sommelier cert and have worked in the wine industry. We’re planning a stop in AZ next year on our way to the West Coast. If you can find any of it, pick it up!

    • Have some d@mn class

      *correction: he’S knocking…

  • Gingermuse

    maynard..your awesome.. because ,you are you..

  • Mattl564

    maynard, your a bitch. But Tool is fucking awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Fans are a weird breed. We find something or someone that speaks to us and we latch on like a parasite. We become so involved that somewhere along the line we begin to believe that we have a right to tell them what to do. We begin to believe that we know them. We become angered when they don’t conform to our needs. We will turn on them just as quickly as we praised their genius. We forget that they are human beings with more than just one gift, one idea. Just because we buy the albums, go to the concerts, even buy the wine. We don’t own them… they don’t owe us anything. It isn’t enough just to appreciate the fact that Tool existed at all. Our greed forces us to demand more. Like hopeless junkies begging for a fix. You wonder why they turn on their fans… How would you feel if you were told that despite the fact you were capable of creating many beautiful things you had to choose just one? And that one thing would define you, you would be expected to recreate it until you lost all love for it and the beauty you once saw in it was gone. You are nieve to think that any of this is about us.

    • T00LFaN

      Ok. Lets pretend I want to become a big rock singer and make lots of money and have people respect me and my music…right! So i crate a big bad ass band that defines that and everyone LOVES it! So why the hell would I complain a few years later that band became so successful that I sold out HUGE venues in MINUTES, and EVERYONE that hears the music says “WOW! That’s some of the best shit Ive ever heard in my life and I’m glad to have a band right now that is that amazing to see live in concert and play over and over without getting SICK of the music! People everywere talk about how Tool is the Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd of our time! and look at how successfull those bands are still to this day and will forever have changed music! Isn’t that what Tool is all about? Changing? Especially the intense, complexity and structure of music as we know it? if i was a part of that band and knew that I had a band like that, I would defineately not talking as if Ive been drinking too much and started to not apreciate the band and musicians that is Tool! Come a couple of years from now we are going to be telling our children there was once the best band ever, Tool but then the singer put his head up is ass and then…wll we all know the rest of the story (Pussyfer and WIne…WTF!) 

      • Oldtimer

        Hey, where have you come from. Don’t you know Led Zeppelin split up a long time ago, just like Floyd? How is that any different from Tool?

      • Anonymous

        Did you ever consider that maybe it was never about being a rock star? Maybe there was something far more personal fueling their creativity. Everyone has their way of blowing off steam. For me it is writing. I had a lot of pent up baggage and I needed to let it out. Before I knew it there were people wanting me to write a book. Apparently my catharsis is entertaining. People respond to it. Now I have an opportunity to continue with my “therapy” and get paid for it as well. But what happens when I have worked through all that pain and anger? Do I continue to write the same shit to appease the masses or do I move on to something that speaks to me now? Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t just a painter. He was also an inventor and an architect. Picasso when through phases that were completely different. He painted in more than one style. For three years he only painted in shades of blue. Then one day he decided he was done. Next came his Rose period. Creativity doesn’t just have one outlet. A creative mind will always search for new ways to let it out.
        What if the emotional journey that led to all the complex and intense songs you love so much played itself out. What if he completed his “therapy”? Would you want him to fake it just to make you happy? Also, these guys are in their 40’s. how long did you expect them to be able to keep up that level of intensity? Led Zeppelin only lasted 12 years. Who’s to say how far they would have taken it. Again, Pink Floyd (as a whole) only lasted 12 years… Sadly, more often than not, those who love the art always think it ends too soon. Thankfully the music never dies. A couple of years from now yes you may be telling your children that there once was this amazing band… they won’t have to take your word for it. The music will still be there.

    • mmmmm

      Well said!! Has absolutely Nothing to do with us. It’s HIS gift to us. People are ignorant.
      Just hope our voices are loud enough for him to hear. Not everyone will think his way. He will always have support by the ones “who get it”

  • Deavonslatton

    BULLSHIT!!! I own you!! Now go make me a fucking Tool record and quit your pussy ass wine making! Fucker!

    • Have some d@mn class


    • juise

      fuck u..apparently listening to Tool has taught you nothing. your username should be HeadFullofNothingjackassidiot

  • Boogieafterhours

    Has anyone ever thought to just say “thank you” for the work that Maynard has done?  If not, then by all means allow me to be the first.  Thank you.  There, it’s concise and conveys in two syllables what most cannot exemplify in a novella’s worth of pseudo-praise.

    • whogivesashit

      Wow… congratulations on mastering syllables. Next you might want to read up on the definition of pseudo. If someone can string together intelligent words to convey a thought you call it fake? If you want to say thank you then do it. Don’t write a paragraph that screams “Look at me! I can use words like exemplify and concise in a sentince!’, while harping on others for not being more direct and to the point.

  • T00LFaN

    Danny Carey, Adam Jones and Justin should start looking for a new SINGER! I want my next TOOL album to kick ass and not come form a defected rock singer with his head up his ass and foot in his mouth! Fuck off then Maynard, if you dont think TOOL is what made you then urge you to only play your lame ass Puscifer (what ever that fuck that is) as see just how many shows you sell out in minutes… (Oh! What? still tickects to all your pussyfer shows?) Pussyfer will not in a million years sell out a huge venue or have fans travel around the WORLD to see every show and nor does WINE! So Long! I Wish you well!!!

    • Juise


    • Osiris8537

      Your a fucking blubbering idiot! You must have fallen off the edge long ago. I for one would not want a tool album released purerly to please the masses, we don’t need another sell out band, if that’s what your looking for I’m sure Justin Beiber would be more your intellectual level….Maynard keep doing what you are doing (conditions is in my opinion your best work to date)

    • Lisaingle

      must not really get tool then huh? Maynard doesn’t seem to care what any of us thinks and almost everyone else in tool if not everyone has other projects besides tool as well. time has to work for everyone not just maynard or any one other member as far as i’m concerned patience is a virtue and if all of the other tool albums are any indication i will let the masters do it their way it’s been working very well thus far. DUH!!!

    • Kupcs2

      Hey why you got puscifer on your Facebook then hater?

  • Hollidayfeed

    Thank you for all you do for my world see you in dallas for the pucifer concert

  • Chefmike

    All of Maynard’s projects are awesome. I can’t wait for the next tool album either, but I will enjoy the new puscifer in the meantime.

  • juise

    The album is awesome, perfect fall music. Fav album of the year. It creates such an amazing atmosphere

  • Eric Manke

    hey, mr. TOOLFaN? lets not menstruate all over Mr. Keenan here. I dont see him goin around telling all the annoying fans that ask about tools next album that they are worthless. and i also dont thiknk the rest of tool will be any success with a different singer. Maynard’s been around too long and he’s too good for anybody else to surpass him due to his experience with the band and undeniable talent he shows in his music. and i can also say that maybe maynard doesnt care about how many venues he sells out or how many fans come from around the world for his wine and other bands. ALSO, maynard will probably never see this, so ive wasted twice as much time as you did posting on this cuz neither you or he will pay much attention to my response either… Thank you Maynard for the new puscifer album!

  • Allie

    Nit-picking here, but its actually spelled “javelina.” 

  • Sallai Tibor

    Tool is just a part of his life. Like a cube with 6 sides. Tool is one of them. (It doesn’t matter how cool is it, everybody need some rest.) If a musician always do the same thing, soon he will get bored. The side projects, the winery, the desert and the other things are part of a hopefully peaceful life of an interesting personnel. 

  • Cooky Rule Guffs

    I like Turtles.

  • Rumblin

    Yeah but Tool is what you do best Maynard!

  • Paulmelochoa

    who??    care!!!.

  • Curtdog114

    Tool 2012!

  • 9kwisp9

    Hey, if you’re not gonna eat the rest of that, can I have i?

  • jmo

    Wow, once again I am reassured as to how freaking arrogant this guy is. Good for you Maynard for accomplishing so much at Westpoint. I am glad you made sure we all know how talented and athletic you are. Go back to making music and not giving interviews so your music wont be tainted with your ego…

    • Brycebly74

      If you have not figured out the humor in all these years that he does when getting interviews, you never will. He thrives on people as yourself.

      • Jmo

        HAHAHAHA- What a stupid excuse. I love his music too man but quit drinking the Kool-Aid. Your telling me the below statement is humor? Last I checked this is all true statements…

        “Tool didn’t get me in Westpoint, Tool didn’t get me distinguished graduate from basic training, Tool didn’t get me on the student council, and Tool didn’t get me my 12 varsity letters. But the public eye assumes that’s the thing I should be doing. I just hold my tongue and do what I do.”


    Lets pretend I want to become a big rock singer and make lots of
    money and have people respect me and my music…right! So i crate a
    big bad ass band that defines that and everyone LOVES it! So why the
    hell would I complain if that band became so successful that it sold
    out HUGE venues in MINUTES, and EVERYONE that hears the music says
    “WOW! That’s some of the best shit Ive ever heard in my life and
    I’m glad to have a band right now that is that amazing to see live in
    concert and play over and over without getting SICK of the music!
    People everywhere talk about how Tool is the Led Zepplin and Pink
    Floyd of our time! and look at how successful those bands are still
    to this day and will forever have changed music! Isn’t that what Tool
    is all about? Changing? Especially the intense, complexity and
    structure of music as we know it? if i was a part of that band and
    knew that I had a band like that, I would definitely not be talking
    as if Ive been drinking too much and started to not appreciate the
    band and musicians that is Tool! Come a couple of years from now we
    are going to be telling our children there was once the best band
    ever, Tool but then the singer put his head up is ass and foot in
    mouth and then…well we all know the rest of the story (Pussyfer and

    • J0rds_

      Same thing robert plant did idiot


    Plus..not to mention the even more then defected people who get mad at this post! Its my opinion idiot! 



  • Tonybrigman

    mr. maynard,

     I think your awesome. love everything you have done.i am a huge tool fan and love nin . people are such assholes. why would pucifer sound like tool, why would you start another band to sound like your old band????? now don’t get me wrong….. would love a new tool album. would buy it tomorrow……. wait a minute, i got to buy the pucifer cd maynard is tool, pucifer and all that rocks. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT MUSIC…… YOU FUCKING ROCK

  • Mark Ric

    Maynard you’re really sounding pretentious. I’m glad you have succeeded in whatever you do. Proud even. I can totally understand the hounding all the time about a release date for a new Tool album. What the fuck does this half to do with your ego and your success. Seems like it’s ‘far too late’..MJK

  • abe lincoln

    i don’t think he harbor ill will against tool or the tool fans, i think it was a direct answer to the question. both asked and answered with a smile more than likely. i think he was refering to teh frustration he must get when trying to show a new side, or way of doing things. and you get the generic idiot who ” we dont take kindly to change round these parts” guys who trash puscifer bc they never really gave it a chance. as soon as they realized it didnt have the “tool” sound, they decided it was bad

  • Paulmelochoa

    He had alot of nothing to say!

  • Paulmelochoa

    we’ll miss Him!

  • Lizardking134

    If you love In-n-Out and love the way they make their hamburgers and have no complains, but then one day they decided to make their hamburgers out of poo… Wouldnt you be mad and have something to complain about then?

    If you have mastered the art of music, then keep making good music and not feed us poo just because you can. 

    Tool is the perfect hamburger! Dont change it or disrespect it and just be humble that burger put your face on the planet just like In-n-out, you dont see them changing their recipe for perfection, why should you?

    The Tool fans and their devotedness and dedication to the band is what make the music world go round! If we didnt have that… we would be subject to Justin Beiber and Coldplay or worst MUSE! Please, please dont be a legend band that could have been and should have been but didnt! Make more and more albums and concerts and a live DVD would hurt!
    Thanks for listening!

    • J0rds

      Woah! Muses first 3 albums are amazing then they fucked out!

      There will never be a tool live dvd cause u can’t get the full experience of there concert on dvd. After seeing tool 12 times in 4 different countries believe me! And don’t be greedy if another album comes it comes if it doesn’t enjoy what haas been given to us ffs!

      You obviously aren’t a real fan

  • Xenrelic

    I think it’s rad that Maynard is staying fresh with different projects. Let him do his thing.

  • Straightjack11

    I think I’ll stick to the way music makes me feel that’s where I began that’s where Ill stand.

  • Tristangroch

    You assholes dont deserve another tool album nor ears to listen with. Get some self education, learn to read. You’re a bunch of fucking idiots.

  • Paulmelochoa

    I just finished listening to it on youtube. IT KICKS ASS!!

  • Ninmachete

    Puscifer is for all the Tool, NIN,A Perfect Circle fans, and anyone else who grew up listening to that music and loved it. We are the ones who hold jobs, have children, and contribute to the world still.
    The people who complain are the ones that are angry, and have nothing to do but sit around all day smoking meth!!

    • Thlln

      Defiantly a different class of people who will enjoy Puscifer. I happen to love all of his work. Except his humor which is terrible lol
      I love he fact that I can listen to his work all day and never get tired of it cuz its all different. I am a 34 y mother of two professional programmer who grew up with a cassette of undertow since 5th grade. Not your typical tool fan!

  • Petroff Michael

    Everything Maynard does is followed with success. But I wouldn’t mind knowing another tool album is near by

  • Undrcuvrgamr

    I dont think he should be mad that fans of his most popular project are wanting more. Tool is the favorite of the people, and theyre going to voice their opinions. If you don twant the questions asked, just say theres never going to be another tool album. Then if you ever do decide to do one itll be an even better surprise

  • Jemimabean

    I’m a bit confused by all the NIN comments- was there more to Tapeworm than we originally thought?

  • Sparky

    God, he just rocks. There are few in the world that believe in themselves to walk in there own shadow and Maynard is one of the few! Before my decent from this earth o hope to sit in Arazona and sip some wine while in his presence.

  • Wes

     What’s up with the 311 diss?! Tim Mahoney and Danny Carey are friends, they have always supported Tool. I get that their music isn’t for everyone but it’s a total dick move to put down a band that has supported you for so long. Smh…

    • Paraboladad

      311 is barely a musical foot note, maynard need not diss anyone, but if anyone has the right to say anything its him. P.S. 311 sucks

      • Wes

        Whether you think they suck or not is completely irrelevant. My point is it’s a douche move to rag on a band that’s shown love and support over the years. It seems like he hates on a lot of things though, so maybe it was just something he spit off the top of his head.

        • Stamps

          read the article again. there wasn’t a single diss about 311. He just said their type of music would have a more crude effect on his wine than other music. I bet he could go on all day how much they suck, but he didn’t. not even once.

          • Wes

            Haha c’mon, that’s a stretch to say that’s not a diss. Regardless, I’m a big fan of both bands and it’s unfortunate to hear Maynard say that. Where’s Danny carey when you need him?

    • Debolonz

      All he said was that the ice forms different when you play 311. I guess you like 311 alot huh? By the way the music they play sounds all the same. Im not hating, I just dont enjoy the same crap over and over and over………….

      • Jabbathehut

        You clearly haven’t heard much 311 beyond the radio because they are one of the most eclectic and diverse bands there is.  There is much more diversity in thir music than there is in Tool’s.  That’s a fact.  Tool songs are boring.  They just trudge along and go no where.

  • pedro

    Pussyfur is awful.

    • Nunyabiznessbitch

      (except when your out of floss)

  • Debolonz

    Puscifer is just another extension of Maynard’s sophisticated mind. Enjoy or hate but dont be disrespectful. 

    • ChutneyAvenue

      Be disrespectful? I think you get what you give. He’s obviously always been a very selfish person who has never considered or appreciated his fans. Delude yourself as you may, worship as you will but if people don’t respect him it’s because he has never been able to hide his disrespect and disdain for anyone else (especially his fans). Now women that’s another story. He’s admitted himself that he can’t keep his dick in his pants and that he could never be faithful to one woman. He said that when he was still in his early 40’s so I doubt a lot has changed since he got married. He probably just found someone who puts up with it and doesn’t complain. And for the amount of money and kind of living he could provide a woman with who WOULD complain? VAGINA = happiness for Maynard. His persistence is how he got to where he is now and I doubt he ever considers any of the people who actually buy his albums, wine, food, gifts from the gift shop and so on and so forth. Ching, ching…You’re all $ signs that make his lifestyle possible. End of story.

      • ChutneyAvenue

        It’s not about who really “gets it” or not. Everything he’s ever done has been about no one else but himself. Like some people think having children is just a bad side effect of sex. Having fans to someone like Maynard is just a bad side effect of what he decided to do in his life for himself. He doesn’t feel he owes any of you anything. Least of all acknowledgement or appreciation. That’s just who he is.

  • Kez Inch

    Been following this jack ass since undertow. I listen to all his shit all the time and I think it     Sucks Balls!!!!

  • OneandOneareOneEleven

    I’m sure the 311 poke was in good nature and they all get along just fine.  They are all creative people that have been in and out of the scene since the 90s. 
    He could have easily said said the same thing about A Perfect Circle.  You are literally debating what Maynard said about the shape of water freezing to different bands.  I would say the joke is on you guys! 

    • Wes

      Hey man, nobody talks about the shape of freezing water like that! haha

  • Oodles78

    Re: vibrations.  Y not give credit 2 M. Emoto for his water experiments?

    • Oodles78


  • Enzoferrari

    Doesn’t Maynard wear dresses on stage?  Is he a transvestite or something?

    • Mzettley

      He wore a bra and panties back in the nineties when Tool toured the Aenima album.  There is a  song on the album called Hooker with a Penis.  He also dressed like a Reverend and wore crazy make up.  Those were actually my favorite times to see Tool.  Tool had a dark mystery component to them and it was great.  The way Maynard explained earing costumes on stage was it was a way for him to be a different person on stage than in real life.

      • Schramrocks

        TOOL are kinda like the way kiss were in the 70’s,…only the image by where they could and will sell out every venue on the planet in seconds and only up until 10 000 days their images weren’t known by ,im guessing 90% of their fans!….

  • Travis Burelle

    Maynard is just being.. Maynard.  He insults everyone, and maybe he means nothing by it.  The guy is a genius, and insane at the same time.  But, Tool is lightyears ahead of 311 in terms of raw tallent.  And, I’ve been a die-hard 311 fan for over 15 years.

  • Chris

    Must be a tough life!! Whatever!!

  • Tasha

    I love maynard James keenan, he is just one of those ppl that can do anything a jack of all trades. I love that about him he don’t care what the public image wants him to be and that is very inspiring. He just does what he does and either you like it or dont. His sense of humor is the same as mine and its hard to find someone like that. He greatly amazes me!

  • Fmlyguyjim

    Say what you want about Maynard or TOOL for that matter, if you left a comment on this page, negative or otherwise, then you must have some kind of interest in Maynard. I will say this, I wish he ventured out and greeted his fans every so often. Although people like the fact that he “doesn’t give it all away”. Makes fans like me wanting more…to follow his business ventures or his music. Maynard and Corina have a beautiful “vocal relationship”. Yes he’s arrogant but I still will be a huge fan till the end of time.

  • Richard Thistle

    since when did it all become about selling out the big venues or putting out the new album to please the masses. without the side projects that all the tool members have they would all be burned out and the creativity and the chemistry would soon be gone, reducing tool to just another rock band with a great history. i think all that maynard does in all his projects has been great and he is excellent at juggling his busy schedule that provides the abundant assortment unique original material . keep them coming maynard.

    i am sure all the other band members know maynard’s personality all too well to take any in a way they were not meant.

  • Joshua J Michaelson

    Good for Maynard. He has figured out the world fast then anyone. Who gives a crap what other people think as long as you are happy in the moment and the music is real. The JelvinsMelvinsJelloBeifora Out………………

    More Wine Pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laramie

    I hope that Maynard realizes that the fans ask about TOOL so much because there are so many of us that feel a special bond and it is almost torturous to have to wait for more :)

  • J.R.F

    When’s the next Tool album? Does it matter?

    I love Tool, but
    let’s face it; you know what a Tool song does already.

    Odd meter D minor
    guitar riff, with slightly distorted bass following. It’s GOTTA be in the key
    of D minor. Adam Jones literally does not know there are 11 others. Drums are
    slightly off kilter, with a gratuitous amount of toms. Maynard comes in, sings
    about pain, or redemption, or painful redemption using 3 syllable words you don’t usually
    hear in normal conversation (and might have to look up one or two). Music
    builds up, Maynard screams…………and the music drops.

    The Quiet Part…. Bass riff carries the song
    forward, repeating another odd meter riff while the guitar and drums slowly
    creep back, generally as syncopated (aka off beat) as possible, so it sounds as
    if no one is playing the same rhythm. Guitar solo. I use the term solo loosely,
    as it can never be more than 6 notes, and one of them has to be bent up to be
    purposely dissonant with the D minor key. Maynard somehow sings one syllable
    words as 2 and 3 syllable words (How does he DO that?).

    The End….2 options here; either it ends abruptly with
    little resolution, or it ends with everyone doing the same staccato unusual
    hard-to-follow rhythm (in 13/8 time) repeating until it abruptly ends. Next

    p.s. – Of course he didn’t mean anything bad about 311, but its an idiotic joke at best considering he still hasn’t reached that level of popularity. Besides with all of you scumbags of course.

  • met

    What can I say. Someone tweets him asking about a Tool album, he points them directly to his side projects/endeavors. Wonder why he shows up for the paycheck. What pays the electric bill in a million dollar house most people who go to your shows can’t even afford?

    And your success isn’t based on Tool/Fool? Really? Seems all singers in these old bands are always playing second banana to them. Geoff Tate, formerly of Queensryche was embroiled in a 2 year court battle to get part of his old bands name as part of a settlement so he can bill himself being associated with the band after being fired. But he fought for a piece of the name knowing full well he couldn’t get shite billing himself under his own name. Same thing with Dave Mustaine he tried putting out a solo album in 2004 and then released under the Megadeth name for more $$$.