Megadeth Forced to Leave Stage in Croatia After Fans Launch Rock Attack

Thrash metal veterans Megadeth were forced offstage at Croatia’s Metalfest earlier this week after angry fans began pelting the bands with rocks during their set.

Most of the instigators were angry WASP fans, likely hostile because rumors began circulating that WASP were refusing to play after frontman Blackie Lawless had an argument with Dave Mustaine. No confirmation of the events in question is available.

Mustaine was reportedly struck in the head with a rock during the beginning of Megadeth’s set, causing the band to leave the stage and cancel the remainder of their performance.

Megadeth will be performing at this weekend’s Download festival in the U.K.


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  • Goatman

    Wait, there are WASP fans?  Oh yeah, it’s in Eastern Europe, they still listen to Ace of Base there.

  • Jmtfm1019

    Those idiots didnt get wasp did they? I hope to hell not. You dont assault another band just to get them off stage to see another that probably isnt even playing. I say f*** those idiots, they should have just ended the show there to teach the crowd a lesson.

  • Floyd Mungaray

    Congratulations, butthurt WASP fans. You chased away a better band than your meh 80’s band just because you are whiny butthurt fanbitches. I hope you’re proud of yourselves, because now there is a high chance your country won’t get Megadeth ever again.

  • Altenjr 1970

    I Love W.A.S.P. and I Just recently seen the Mighty Megadeth at Point Fest in St. Louis. Killer set. Don’t blame W.A.S.P. for the actions of a bunch of idiots. and Floyd you are right, I wouldn’t play their crappy country if I had a band.

  • Muscleman0181

    nice to see that wasp was kind enough to personally fly all ten of their fans to the show!

  • Sam Geese

    Wow.  A bunch of European experts here. 
    If any one of you sissy-boys stepped foot in their country with those attitudes, you get the beat-down of your lives.  Pussys.

    • Whatever_121968

      what makes you an expert

    • frank g

       Quiet hippy fagboy. There’s a reason they’re still a third-world country.

  • Kayla Bright

    Wooow……. That’s bullshit…… : l

  • frank g

    Fuckin third-world countries…

  • Candi Boone

    Typical east European shithole.

    • John J

      Typical uneducated americans. Croatia is NOT a shithole or 3rd world country. These were people from neighbouring countries coming over to cause shit at a show not in their own country. Same trouble happened here from american assholes causing fights at heavy montreal.

  • Andiandtimc

    if that is so grow up people paid to see you play are we fuckn 2 i love wasp and megadeth but ack like adults dont waist peoples money

  • Buck Dich

    Dave caught Pam in bed w/Blackie,Again..

  • Charlesmclaughlin66

    this would never happen in reno nevada U.S.A.

  • James Haro

    at 5:19 Jesus is Rocking in the middle of the european white boys

  • James Haro

    WASP = Shit ,, MEGADETH are the god metals

  • James Haro

    Blackie ahahah freaken guy name

  • Hyena Overlord

    Well that sucks.  

  • Jamie

    After paying $50 for my ticket here in Knoxville and them playing for less than an hour and a half…I wish I had brought a rock.

  • Moonbeam

    Well that was rude. Glad I skipped Croatia this year LOL.

  • Winkle11

    i love megadeth and i like wasp too but this is uncalled for its a rock show its all about having  fun not just seeing wasp other people come to see megadeth

  • Meattwat

    People need to start beating the fuck out these idiots throwing shit at stages. 

  • OneMetallicaGirl

    THIS FUCKIN’ PISSES ME OFF!! I love ]v[egadet]-[ and if that had happened @ a concert I was attending I woulda started throwin rocks @ the ppl who were throwin rocks @ them! I hope they never play in that piece o’ shit country ever again!

  • Deatrus

    This will dent Metalfest’s reputation

  • Rattlehead666

    this was Blackie’s fault. the crowd should have been pissed at him, NOT Megadeth. at least they played…or at least tried to.

  • Rickmazz

    Look you all know how passionate Metal fans are.  This has lead to riots and death on too many occasions.  This is just another example of how deep love can turn on you in any moment and in any country.  People need to chill period.