Megadeth Reveal New Album Cover Art, Share Snippet of New Song

Megadeth have revealed the cover art of their new album, Super Collider, which is set for a June 4 release via main man Dave Mustaine’s new label, Tradecraft, which is distributed by Universal. Songs include “Forget To Remember” and “Dance in The Rain” (both written with David Draiman of Disturbed and Device), “A House Divided,”  “The Blackest Crow,” “Super Collider,” “Burn,” “King Maker,” and “Don’t Turn Your Back”, a snippet of which can be streamed at


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  • Antonio Lopez

    I just could never got into Megadeth that much but the snippet of this song sounds good. Ill probably go through their entire catalog and see if I find anything I will like.

    • Jimi Stax

      How can you not be into Megadeth? Can I buy you a copy of Rust in Peace and send it to you?

      • Rick Hillard

        I would recommend starting with Peace Sells, but you can’t go wrong with either album, both are classics.

      • thrasher


  • Curtis

    Start with Killing is My Business, Peace Sells, and Rust in Piece. Don’t get the remastered versions either. Get the originals.The remasters are ok I guess, but the original versions are still the best. Killing is my Business was a shoddy recording, but they play so fast it gives your hand a cramp just listening to it. Make sure you check out “99 Ways to Die” and “Go to Hell”. I can’t understand why anybody who listens to those 3 records could with a straight face say Metallica was a better band. I will never understand that mindset. Not gonna go there though! Also, “The System Has Failed” album. Chris Poland (Killing & Peace Sells… Lead guitar player) came back on that album so it has a Peace Sells flavor to it and the solos are f*%kin incredible!!! You should be hooked for life after that.

    • Haxell

      I would say Killing is my business’s remastered is awesome. You can hear so much more of gar’s drumming and everything is just so clearer. Same for peace sells.

  • Jefferson Saky

    The album cover is simply amazing!

    • Cassidy Holman


  • bentley storey

    Megadeth #1 for all time,you metallica fools go somewhere else to talk,metallica is ok ,but megadeth is so much better for many many reasons ,we don’t want fucking bullshit like sellout enter sandman so we can have every idiot in theworld listening to our music ,look who’s lasting ,who is smoking hot now and who sucks and has nothing good or new in forever,load an reload,2 terrible cds,any metallica fans go away from our tknoweritory,megadeth rules forever,Fuck ya ,new album is gonna kick ass just see the players and you know its a masterpiece.

    • Garrett Said

      “sellout” is a term for the weak minded. I love Megadeth far more than Metallica, but the term “sellout” is bullshit. If they liked writing and like playing it, it isn’t selling out.

    • Jason Keith Ryoichi Jover

      Lightning, Justice, Puppets…sellouts? of course..every show…

  • Garrett Said

    As long as it can follow up Thirteen well, I am happy

  • Jason Keith Ryoichi Jover

    metallica and megadeth are already touring please, there isn’t any reason now for us fans to be really liking the other one at the same time hating the other…we can both like them, can’t we? now, who’s better? pitting Rust in Peace/Sells, But Who’s Buying? against Load & Reload? is that even fair? Metallica also has Lightning, Justice, and of Course, Puppets… Dyer’s Eve, Damage Inc., Fight Fire With Fire…need i say more?