Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Shares His Vision of the Devil on ABC News

Megadeth vocalist-guitarist Dave Mustaine talks about his vision of the end of the world, and how well prepared he feels, in the July/August issue of Revolver (available on newsstands and here), as part of our Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest coverage. In the video below, part of an ABC News special on Satanic panic, he discusses how he views the devil, demonstrates what the “Devil’s chord” sounds like, and talks about casting spells. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments, and don’t forget to enter our contest to win Megadeth’s Peace Sells deluxe reissue here.


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  • Matt Roach

    Holy shit. What a psycho…

  • Colton Szmata

    HAHAH, Really now? Just like it always was, blaming Metal for other peoples screw ups. Just cause a bunch of kids were in a Death Metal band means shit all….

  • believeinnothing

    Wow, Dave Mustaine has lost his fucking mind.  People who do shit in the name of satan are fucking stupid, just like people who do shit in the name of god are fucking stupid.  Does he honestly believe he caused that shit to happen by casting spells?  What a fucking tool.  Dave was obviously confused from the start.  I remember learning about god and satan and witchcraft, etc. when I was a little kid.  And even back then I remember thinking: “I think I’m way to smart to believe in ANY of this shit.”  When you die, you go in a box in the ground and become worm food, thats it.  ALL RELIGION IS BAD FOR YOU!!!!!  Even the satanic ones.

    • Hectorsuperbass75

      RAmen, brother!

  • madamveng7

    hey to all those people who give other people shit for expressing their views in a non-harmful way- F U. People died to give us (including you who happen to be expressing your opinion) the right to express what we feel, believe, and think. You hating on him for expressing his opinion is hypocritical considering you’re expressing yours right now. so get your head out of your ass and maybe we’ll respect your views when you respect others. he may have a fucked up opinion in your mind, but that opinion and belief probably happens to be some of the drive behind his artistic muse.

  • Lifelong Megafan

    @believeinnothing:  Believing in nothing is the same as believing that ur smart- Neither one of those beliefs change the facts!
    I LOVE how ppl love to criticize the findings and beliefs of those more experienced than themselves!

    Dave Mustaine has risen to the top of his trade by his own blood sweat and tears, performed for millions of fans, experienced failure, success, tragedy and triumph… As you sit there with your office chair molded in the shape of your ass and say that he’s lost his fucking mind!! GFY.

    Jesus didn’t die for ppl to have a “religion”, or a bunch of foundationless “beliefs”, He died so that we could face the trouble that’s coming to the world with a spirit of courage from faith, and discern truth from the lies being traded around down here like counterfeit currency. He died so that we could use His name to defend ourselves from all the darkness and evil that’s befallen the world in these end times. So when we enlisted in his army of light, it was because we can’t deny what our eyes have seen, once the scales of delusion fell away from them (I pray that this will happen for you, and that you’ll be washed clean in the blood of the Lamb of God). Because we were out living our one, God-given life, making mistakes and overcoming the limitations of our mortality, while you were cowering in said office chair, ignorantly criticizing, fearing (and rightly so) your eventual demise! If you died right now, what would YOUR legacy be? Are they mass producing a signature guitar in your name? Or just shitloads of fuck all since that’s what you “believe”. Been there, done that, gunna pray for you is all, n’don’t worry, ur just the type He died to save.

    Here’s to Heavy Metal in Heaven (And Dave, if you read this, I discerned the “hypochristian” tag first but nice try)!

    Lifelong Megafan

  • Hectorsuperbass75

    News flash, Davey – it’s drugs and alcohol, not devils and demons. *facepalm*  It’s sad to witness such a brilliant musician fall prey to ass-backward, Bronze Age superstition.

  • Ravenous69