Metal Guitar Tech and Tour Manager, Assaulted on Anthrax Tour, in Need of Help

Dane Wolf, a metal guitar tech and tour manager, was badly beaten while on the road with Anthrax, Testament, and Dark Angel in Denver last week. Dane and his family are now reaching out to metal fans in an attempt to raise money to assist with Dane’s medical and legal bills.

Dane’s mother, Jenna, posted the following statement on Dane Wolf’s Give Forward fundraising page:

“Please help in whatever way you can by assisting with his medical bills and upcoming travel expenses to and from Colorado when things go to court. There will be additional medical costs in the future as well, as he continues to recover and requires follow-up care. The goal has now been raised due to the amazing response of Dane’s friends and family. Thank you so much for your continued support, and for sharing the link, and his story!”

The goal is to raise $7,500.00 to pay Dane’s medical & travel expenses. To date, half of that has already been donated. If you want to help, click here to make a donation.

You can also visit the Dane Wolf Facebook Group here and post some get-well messages.



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  • Withrobots

    no one gives any details as to why the assult happened.

  • Pimvgool

    I thought anthrax and testament were touring with death angel

    • Pontypool

      It was Death Angel, the Dark Angel is a misprint.

  • Latham Mark

    Its amazing to us the UK that you have to raise money to pay to be treated!! If he doesn’t pay what happens? Is he just left to rot in the street?!?! Just fly him over to the Uk and its free!

    • Zzyyxx

      America’s an amazing place right? thats what so much of the Occupy Wall Street movement is about, and the tv/news/politics twist everything to make people think that actually having health care is going to bankrupt us

  • Adam Ace Chartrand

    why did he get beat up?  Was he attacked or did he do something stupid to get beat up?

  • RockRoz

    This poor Mother is pleading to the public for $7,500.00 . Come on ,I have alway’s had the highest respect for Antrhax & the 2 other bands . He was the tour manager . That’s a big job. If he screws up it’s all on him. Plus guitar tech. You know how impotant that is for a concert .He has to be right on .They totally depend on him. Where are they now . $7,500.00 chump change . Wnen we have to pay up to $60.00 + for a ticket . This Mother should not have to be doing this . She should be at her sons bedside not worring about the dam bills.

    • Guest

      How much did you donate?

  • Ebonicplague

    Dane was trying to ask someone if they could back there car up so they could load in and then mentioned not being from Colorado and at this point the Gang Banging POS assaulted him. Basically smashing a door into his face and proceeding to kick and punch him after he was knocked out.

  • Terrelli1

    If he is so awesome i am sure between the three bands they would have paid the $7500, its chump change between three HUGE bands like that. why havent they stepped up to the plate, he makes them money

  • bazzmeister

    the bands should stump up. Surely Anthrax after the big four tour could stump up $7500, but maybe Scott Ian might want a pic of his face on the hospital bed…..

  • Terho_ronak

    Youd think anthrax would fully cover his cost ther parth of the big 4 for fuck sakes. And where were this guys friends to have his back no one hits my friends in front of me with out getting hit back.

  • Johnnyj336

    Damn Scott help the guy out im sure you can afford it!

  • Anonymous