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Metallica and Lou Reed Launch Website Ahead of Album

Metallica and Lou Reed Launch Website Ahead of Album

The release of Metallica's and Lou Reed's forthcoming collaborative studio album came a step closer with the launch of a website for the project. While it is sure to provoke much excitement, currently the website simply amounts to a landing page, which you can view at

It was revealed back in June that the thrash legends and the ex-Velvet Underground avant-garde extraordinaire would be teaming up after they were spotted together on a number of occasions.

According to a Metallica statement, at the time, 10 songs were recorded; however, it remains to be seen when the album will see the light of day. Metallica concluded their record deal with Warner Brothers following the release of Death Magnetic, and Reed is also currently without a label.

Metallica and Reed initially joined forces for the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert in October, 2009. Right now we'll have to settle for this video:

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