Metallica and Lou Reed Release Longer Sample of New Album “Lulu”

As you should know by now, Metallica are releasing a collaborative record, titled Lulu, with underground rock legend Lou Reed on November 1. They released a 30-second sample of the song “The View” last week. Now they’ve topped that with a new, 90-second snippet from the same tune. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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  • Sattwood

    Great riff, James Hetfield’s vocals are excellent in this song, Lou Reed however, is “the thing that should not be” in this song. his “singing” doesn’t flow with the song and makes it sound forced and makes you cringe. in short it would be a good album if Metallica just kept it simple.

  • Badass-jamie


    So sad…

  • Badass-jamie


    So sad…

  • Anna

    this is horrible. Sorry.

  • gogmagogical

    …and it sucks three times as much as the previous 30-second sample. At least they’re consistent thus far.

  • Remigiusz Karpienko

    this will be great record, i tell you

  • Nathrakh


  • thesongthatshouldnotbe

    complete and utter gash

  • Steve Gibson

    Wow, Nails on a chalkboard is more pleasant to listen to. While the song itself is good. By that I mean the music.. the singing.. if you can call it that resembles the sound made when you slaughter baby seals with a meat tenderizer hammer.. 

  • Adam Lidster

    Ive had diarrhea that sounded better than this 

  • Guest Review

    oh dear. i like Lou Reed and I love Metallica but oh dear. perhaps I can be optimistic the rest of the album will be better?