Metallica and Lou Reed Release Second ‘Lulu’ Preview

Metallica and Lou Reed have released another teaser video for their collaborative album, Lulu, which comes out November 1. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it.


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  • Julian Coniglio Gray

    Metallica was almost the best, but now… they suck

  • Jimbob

    That has got to be the WORST voice in music. Just when Metallica got back on the right track with Death Magnetic they go out a put this shit out. If they had such a hard on to jam with this dude they should have just kept it to themselves!!!!

  • Bsaikins

    Its crap

  • Ocipres2003

    Hahahaha.. This is really BAD.  Per my wife, this is horrible. Get rid of Lou and I’ll give it another chance.  Awful, awful, awful.

  • Klahan Suwat

    Wow, horrible vocals.

  • SRH_Stoner

    such a disappointment :'( i was hopeing for a lot more from metallica ive given up on heavy metal

  • Enormi Colioni Di Acciaio

    This makes St Anger actually look GOOD…
    Why cant Metallica see this stuff for the cr@p it is?  THey must be surrounded by lilly livered yes men