Metallica and Lou Reed Stream Whole New Album, ‘Lulu’

Metallica and Lou Reed have posted their collaborative album, ‘Lulu,’ due out on November 1, for streaming. You can hear it by clicking here. You can also read the lyrics to every song on the album here. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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  • Blp5150


  • Ric Rudnicki

    nope…try again….i’m all for diffferent…but this isn’t different…it’s without passion…anger…really…without anything….

  • Amirhe

    people this is lou and metallica not meatallica and lou… and I think it sounds ok. the days of justice or master wont come back so grow up!!!!!!!!!! and stop crying and sucking.

  • Kevin Benedict

    Not Sure which is worse,  this garbage or that new william shatner video

  • Olivier

    Some riffs are pretty good but, Lou’s voice fucks it all :S

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this is pretty much horrible….
    Congratulations, Metallica! You have finally put out something that makes St.Anger sound like a masterpiece.

  • Ben Chronister

    “You got Lou Reed in my Metallica!”
    “Yeah? Well you got Metallica in my Lou Reed!”
    Blech, two great tastes that taste like shit together. It’s like a steak a la mode. yuk.
    Is this basically an album designed solely for hipsters?

  • pigchop

    The band formerly known as Metallica and Lou ‘white elephant’ Reed do not gel on any level.

  • Alfredorosas93

    i want to know what drugs they were on when they made this shit because that’s the only way you can enjoy this

  • Metalhead

    This isn’t good. Just plain not good. That is not singing over the music, it’s talking. We are hearing a book on tape in one car, while the car next to us is playing Metallica. We all know that Metallica isn’t going to make a record that sounds like the ’80’s Metallica….which is fine. I would like to hear new Metallica, not re-hashed Metallica, but this “Lulu” is just a lousy effort. Why would you want to hear an old guy talk over any song at all? The music isn’t even that inpsired. “The View” is the same 30 seconds on a loop for the most part, while we hear some guy talking over it. Metallica is a great band, but not on this one. And this isn’t metal fans not liking something different this time, this is metal fans not liking something that is un-inspired. The telling a story idea is cool, but ya gotta do it right. This is barely music. I’m looking forward to Metallica releasing a Metallica album. Yeah.

  • Halldór Andri Bjarnason

    I hope a “2-CD” release means it’s Metallica on one CD and Lou Reed on the other, because this mix is clearly not working. Really not worth a second listen.

  • redmanlaw

    Initial thoughts:  Metallica is in touch with its inner Lynyrd Skynyrd in Brandenburg Gate, something that goes back to Garage Inc and the Bridge School concerts.  Metallica can play 70’s style heavy rock with the best of them.  Love that riff in The View.  I’ve been listening to Lou Reed since the early 70s, so I’m used to his style and voice.  Lots of mornings start out with either the Velvet Underground or Metallica coming up on my wife’s iPod on shuffle.  So far – not bad.  Interesting.

  • redmanlaw

    Friend’s reaction:  “Beyond awesome. Thanks for posting.”  He’s in his late 50s, early 60s, grew up with the Velvets, knows very little about Metallica, plays jazz and klezmer music on guitar.

  • redmanlaw

    Another non-metal/Lou fan weighs in:  “redmanlaw: How’s that thing go? Oh yeah \\://// or something. Thx.”

    Like I said, not a metal fan.

  • Rahjeek

    Holy Dogshit Batman!!!