Metallica Premiere New Song, “Lords of Summer,” Live in Colombia

Metallica-2013 Metallica premiered a new song Sunday night at their concert in Bogotá, Colombia. Check out “Lords of Summer” below and let us know what you think!


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  • Mobster

    Lars sucks… Sorry.

  • Jason

    wish the camera didnt pick up the drums so heavily… cant make out much of the intro. vocals for the first verse are also muffled by drums. couldnt get past that.

  • nio

    Colombia is not columbia REVOLVER Magazine

  • Alvaro Andres Ledesma

    Columbia is a town and district name in usa, Colombia is a country

  • matt shafer

    They should beg dave to come back and show them how to thrash Again .

    • Josh Rowe

      Yeah because Super Collider was such a massive success right…?

    • Zero

      Yeah, Super Collider was SO Thrashy…

    • Jeferson Sousa

      On the high road
      I will teach to Metallica
      How to do worse
      Just like the super collider – Mustaine, Dave

    • John Chase

      fuck dave mustaine

    • Dion Abbott

      Megadeth 1 good album since the 90’s…yeah show me dave crazy man mustaine.

      • matt shafer

        your high

  • Josh Rowe

    Sounds good to me. :)

  • Luis NH

    Phantom Lord is that you?

  • whatcom_bassist

    Not bad, but they’re kind of stuck in a fast part/half time pre-chorus/slight key change during middle section/solo with wah formula. Nice skullet, Lars. And if you’re ‘filming’ a Metallica concert with your phone, you’re completely missing the point of a Metallica concert.

  • Mark Hazzard

    I shall reserve judgment until I hear the studio version. James always changes his singing in concert, so live instruments can sound distorted, depending on the equipment being used to record. From what I gather from this, though, sounds solid.

  • Kyle

    Stale/rehashed shit.

    • Dion Abbott

      Like your existence.

      • Kyle

        Awe, you need some cream for your butthurt?

  • A.J. R.

    I dig it. It’s heavy but not old. It sounds straight from Death Magnetic.

  • Dead

    Metallica, THANKS again for pick up Kirk Hammet from Exodus. period.

  • Just saying

    Metallica plays well of course, but the problem is that this music is have been made for people who record in their phones… not for the moshpit

  • Brando Riordan

    Everyone’s a critic.

  • DGSephro

    Until I can hear a clean version (not some dudes iPhone) it’s not fair to judge the song.

    So far, I think this is pretty good.

  • Harley-Holland

    I love the new song of Metallica in the morning!!! Hell yeah!

  • Rik

    I love Metallica, but i think they are hanging on too tight. They are becoming a parody of themselves. Retire guys please.

    • Douglas Burns

      ur stupid… your a non musician who has no clue… this is pretty damned talented. especially for their age

    • Bruce Fremont

      Phuk you dipsh/t.

  • Rob Dotzler

    Completely hate the recording, but what are you going to do, it’s a phone, right? As far as the song goes, I liked it a lot. As Mark Hazzard said, I’m going to reserve final judgement until I hear the studio version. To me, it has the sound they had after they had broken out as a band. MoP to …AJfA. Jmho.

  • Beverly

    Top recording not too bad. Really like the song! Not sure it needs to be over 8 minutes though.

  • beurbs

    got a Kill em All vibe going, hopefully the next album will be like this

  • jstags

    reminds me of some puppets stuff, very excited to hear new material from my all time favorite band!