Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Picks His Top Five Zombie Movies

With one too many stories about face eating — and isn’t one story about face eating one too many? — making the news lately, the words on everyone’s lips these days are zombie apocalypse. And don’t just take our word for it.

“You know it does seem like a zombie apocalypse is coming,” says Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, “like we’re at the very beginning of a zombie invasion. I would imagine this is how it starts and just never stops.”

It seems only fitting then that this year’s inaugural Orion Music + More festival will feature a special tent called Kirk’s Crypt, where the guitarist will be putting on display his vast array of horror movie memorabilia.

“I have such a huge collection, I just thought now what the right time to share it with everyone,” says Hammett, referring both to Kirk’s Crypt and a new book the guitarist just finished, which showcases his immense collection of vintage horror movie posters, tour posters, monster toys, artwork and more.

With Metallica’s first ever festival — not to mention a potential zombie outbreak — looming, we couldn’t think of any better time to pick Kirk’s brain about his favorite zombie flicks of all time.

So what’s Kirk’s gameplan if the zombies invade? “Very high walls,” he says, “Very high walls.”


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  • Matthew Jenkins

    Obvious list is obvious.

    • deathmachine360

      what’s your great list look like !

  • Mastersuntzu

    1. Dawn of the Dead
    2. Braindead
    3. Shaun of the Dead
    4. Deadgirl
    5. 28 Days Later

    Bonus: Dead Snow

  • the Shape

    Return of the Living Dead, hands down, greatest zombie movie ever.