Mike Patton to Release New ‘The Solitude of Prime Numbers’ Inspired Album

Former Faith No More frontman Mike Patton is releasing a new album of material inspired by the book the Solitude of Prime Numbers on November 1. The Italian novel, by Paolo Giordano, was released in 2008 and subsequently made into a film, for which Patton contributed music. The record is titled Music from the Film and Inspired By the Book the Solitude of Prime Numbers.

Patton has said that the record represents a personal “sonic departure.” The novel, itself, tells the story of two damaged individuals, both lonely like prime numbers, yet close to each other, separated by even numbers.

View the full track listing below, appropriately numbered sequentially with the first 16 prime numbers.

2.  “Twin Primes”
3.  “Identity Matrix”
5.  “Method of Infinite Descent”
7.  “Contrapositive”
11.  “Cicatrix”
13.  “Abscissa”
17.  “Isolated Primes”
19.  “Radius of Convergence”
23.  “Separatrix”
29.  ‘The Snow Angel”
31.  “Apnoea”
37.  “Supersingular Primes”
41.  “Quadratix”
43.  “Calculus of Finite Differences”
47.  “Zeroth”
53.  “Weight of Consequences”


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  • http://www.facebook.com/FrankHateMalamen FrankHate Malamen

    i need this cd cant wait mr patton rules!!!