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Mike Portnoy Accuses His Former Band, Dream Theater, of Plagiarism

Mike Portnoy Accuses His Former Band, Dream Theater, of Plagiarism

Drummer Mike Portnoy has accused his former band, Dream Theater, of ripping off hard rockers Red for their song "Build Me Up, Break Me Down." The implication was made after a poster had commented on Portnoy's own website forum about the similarity of the track to Red's previously released "Feed the Machine."

The plot is thickened by the fact that Dream Theater guitarist and main songwriter John Petrucci named Red's Until We Have Faces—from which "Feed the Machine" is taken—as his album of the year on Roadrunner Records' site.

Portnoy, who left Dream Theater last year, said the following:

"Check out the first song on [John Petrucci’s] fave album of the year…. WOW, the arrangement and orchestration sounds awfully familiar!! Surely it must be an intentional ‘nugget’ for the fans… It couldn’t possibly be blatant formula plagiarism, now could it…?? I just have to laugh…”

After fellow posters responded by calling the Adrenaline Mob, and former Avenged Sevenfold, skinsman "Classless," Portnoy retorted by saying:

“Hey…I’m not trying to start a war…. and I am indeed totally in a happy place in my life and career… I’m just merely making an observation and posting openly on my own forum like I always have and always will… If anybody ELSE wants to blow this up, it’s their choice and doing…not mine!”

Portnoy then went further, stating:

"And P.S.–to defend music that I co-wrote/arranged (that were cited previously in this thread), there's a difference between 'inspiration corner'/'copping a certain vibe' and blatantly rewriting an existing song or formula section by section…"

Listen to both tracks, below, and decide for yourself.

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