Ministry Frontman Al Jourgensen’s Country Side Project, Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters, Streams New Album

Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters, the psycho-country alter-ego of Ministry founder Al Jourgensen, will release their long-awaited debut album, Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free, on January 17. But Uncle Al and cohorts–including Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Tony Campos (Static-X), and Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis)–are happy to give you an exclusive sneak preview at the entire record below. Crank up the volume, read what Jourgensen has to say about the album, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Unfortunately the time we had to stream the album has expired. You can buy the album on Amazon or iTunes.

REVOLVER What possessed you to write a “cowboy-core” album even before bringing back Ministry for this March’s reunion record, Relapse?
I’ve been promising fans a country record for 30 years, so after I got out of the hospital [read about Jourgensen’s near-death experience here] and back in the studio, I made Buck Satan my first priority. I just decided I needed to do this in case I had another [health] freak out.

Were the musicians you worked with schooled in country rock?
No way, man. I hired a fiddle player who canceled out on me, so we ended up getting these girls from Houston who play in a symphony and have never done country. Mikey and I were the only ones who knew anything about country, so it was really a case of the blind leading the blind, and that’s what makes it sound different. It’s like this stoner country record that’s perfect for sitting back, lighting up a big fatty, and listening to on headphones.


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  • Wayneb52

    kinda psycho biliie sounding

  • Randrollings

    Can’t wait to see it on the Cracker Barrel shelves!

  • Chris

    soooo coooollllll :)

  • James Toland

    I love it!!!!!

  • Thenwtimeparty


  • William999

    Just wait for the Dolly Parton covers!

  • James Toland

    gave it a full listen…best album I have heard all year! I <3 love LOVE it!

  • Angst Supernaut Rainfield

    thx Uncl’Al

  • Devilmachine

    i remember hearing whispers of buck satan back in the 90’s. it’s surreal to hear it now. i’m really diggin’ it. uncle al for prez!

    • en6ine9

      same here! been a fan of ministry for a long time & have been waiting TOO LONG for this to come out! 

  • Rickhannell

    Your just as bad as the guys in Motley. A Fuckin fake. I came all this way to talk to retards. Actually you guys won’t even talk to me.

    • Anonymous

      That might be because you act like a dick?
      Nothing eiter fake OR Mötley about Uncle Al!

  • Rainbird007

    Genius and it ! Wanna own this one fo shoa !

  • Guesty Guest

    lame garbage

  • Edisonoside

    All gave us hints to this with his REVCO Project..Here he trully SHINES like the Texas STAR!

  • Kleelewis

    Country fried Ministry!

  • Ben


  • BigBaldBuddy

    Kinda strange, but I would not expect anything normal from Al Jourgensen.  Keep it up, and keep em guessing.

  • Putkonen

    Sounds as cheap and plastic as the last two Ministry albums. Damn.

    • Dognail

      If your referring to Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker, my condolences. So what was the last good Ministry album then?

  • Elkjaer666


  • _Lothar

    I was preparing for a slow tempo country stew, took 3
    listens the first with my health problem in full gear.  Drawn back by a chorus ‘I hate every bone in
    yer body, except mine’ this is both serious and zany.  I could pick out Rick Nielsen’s guitar work,
    that’s a trip but then … when you start listening to the fiddle it gets even
    more interesting (just picture the studio in your head).  I didn’t get an ulcer from it and I plan on
    picking up a copy, along with some cowboy boots…

  • _Lothar

    maybe this is a new genre?!?

  • USArmyRetired

    I’ve been a Ministry fan since 1989. This album is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Buck Satan!
    Al for President!

  • Kr88n

    This album fucking blows….me away!!!

  • Rmx_davis

    Mighty fine country sound Als got going there, gonna get me the album so i can sit back with a fatty once da wife goes out!

  • Dognail

    Thanks for not dying Uncle Al, this is the best country I’ve heard since it went to shit

  • Godswitch

    Totally insane man. U did it

  • Eric Compton

    Sound good definitely can hear the old style country & western sounds in the whole CD, I believe a must have, don’t be expecting Revco , Ministry or anything like that cuz this is COUNTRY son!!! I LOVE IT 

  • Tim Gavin

    did uncle al just invent industrial country?

  • Billybrown662000

    I can’t stop listening.  Damn it’s awesome.  Thanks Uncle Al and thanks Brother Mike.

  • IronDeath420

    i dont like country but this is funny for al doing lol

  • Drbotel

    burn in hell, for this stupid album uncle Al

  • Truth

    sorry al, Hank 3 already does this, and does it much better… GG Allin called, he wants his style back.

    • Abbey_of_Thelema

       Allin? The super Sell-Out who did EVERYTHING on stage for money??
      Yeah, Al (The guy who did NO interviews for a whole 10years after their success album “Psalm 69”) really needs to learn from the dead loser? Al keeps his dirt, drugs and shit to himself. He´s no SELL-OUT you see..
      Al does what Al wants and doesn´t give a fuck what you think. That´s more than you could ever say about Allin. He was ALL about what you and the Media thought and If you didn´t get upset by his lousy show he´d cry or throw a tantrum or maybe O.D ´til DEATH??
      Also, Ministry started in 1981, no-one not closely related to Allin even heard about the loser until his death. Go FUCK yourself, dead guy!

  • Godswitch

    I love it tough:D

  • Godswitch

    Damn you impress me!!

  • Constantan Alph-Omeg R.

    Uncle Al You made the great album! It’s awesome! Sounds VERY GOOD! Looooooong loooooooong life to you!!! Thank you so much for everything you do!

  • Aries2012

    The loudness war strikes again, I see.  This is unlistenable. Same tempo for every song. Sorry but this sucks.

  • Kdeebs

    absolutely awesome! Truly love it!

  • Michaeldgregory1981

    Interesting, wish he had used real drums..

  • Scoob

    that’s awesome man. great line-up in the band. i always knew your musical roots ran deep and have always wondered if you’d tip your hat to country. love it!

  • Phil Lucafo

    Being one of the authors of “The Only Time I’m Sober Is When Your Gone” I have to say I LOVE IT!  Great arrangement and Rick did a real nice solo on it…Hope it goes platinum.
    Phil Lucafo