Ministry Premiere New Video, “99 Percenters”

Revolver Golden Gods nominee and Ministry madman Al Jourgensen supports the Occupy protesters in his new video, “99 Percenters,” which is the first single off the upcoming worldwide release of Ministry’s Relapse, in stores March 26. The clip is directed by director and animator Zach Passero (Wicked Lake, Ministry Lieslieslies, RevCo Fire Engine).

“Hopefully this song and video will motivate people to take action against the Kleptocracy we find ourselves living in,” Jourgensen said in a statement. “I am in awe of the passion and motivation of the Occupy Wall Street movement and feel compelled to contribute what I can to inspire global citizens to continue to take to the streets in protest against the encroaching New World Order.”

Ministry will be embarking on their DeFibRiLlaTouR 2012 World Tour laster this year. For ticketing info, click here. To preorder Relapse, click here. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments.

“99 Percenters” Credits
Producer: Angelina Jourgensen
Director: Zach Passero
13th Planet Productions


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  • Jimmi Shrode

    Woohoo!! Uncle Al rides again!

  • Coryian

    Like Ministry but this song is lame 

  • Ronaldhaas

    Love this It makes me want to fight!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Lavoie

    This is my favorite band. It has been for years. But this song is lame. Really. It feel like Rebecca Black wrote the lyrics. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,99%…

  • Valdemar jr.

    This Is a hella crapy song

  • Angusduncan

    Song Sucks, Ministry running out of ideas ?? Not too sure about Double Tap the 2nd single and Al says it one of best 50 albums of all time?? the other 8-9 tracks must be incredible then as these two ok at best   and this coming from fan since “with sympathy”  
    Will still be there for Defilibrator Tour … Al says only play 5-6 new songs – I can get a beer!

  • Johnny Niknak

    What do you expect? When an artist quits drugs and alcohol they can’t write anymore. Look at Metallica and NIN. Their brains are not nearly as creative sober.,

  • Kurt Moerman (Belgium)

    Don’t want miss the tour but hope they played a lot old songs, this sucks !!

  • Lilmshjg

    I love ministry…..but this really sucks :(

  • Klebrchelp


  • Scoob J.Jones

    kicks 100% ass

  • Rob Arnold

    Sounded like a typical Ministry song, although the count down is lame . Al certainly has a face for radio. m/

  • Some guy

    Awful. Al Jourgensen is a hair extension wearing cunt. Ministry = Dog shit, end of story.


    mmmm, tsja

  • Kh_ginger

    this song sucks

  • Pavo6503

    yeah, this is awful. I can’t even listen to Animositisomialkijd;hb or whatever their last album was. Ministry, I love you but the 90’s are over. Time to get a real job.

  • Banman07

    OMG what happened??? Sad day for music.

  • Samantha Purr

    Think the only part I actually like is the HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY.
    The rest doesn’t impress me. Overall 2/10

  • Gaming Profile

    Actually a LONG time Ministry fan.  I also am not a fan of this song…the only one in Ministry’s catalog im NOT a fan of…but I do appreciate the point of the song..

    I will tell you though that the Relapse album also has 9 other songs on it and if you take a listen to “Double Tap”, which has also already been released before the will be VERY satisfied and will KNOW that Al is still DEFINITLY Al… 

    Double Tap gives you that Ministry kick in the ass feeling that no other bands still can provide today.. 

  • Lumpy

    Wow this is terrible. I thought of something else to say about it but that’s really all I’ve got. This is terrible.

  • zootramps


  • Lupino

    i think the song is nice, but the video is a little bit boring. good theme but bad not really powerfull video.

  • sc29999

    I’m a long long LONG time Ministry fan… Been listening since Land of Rape&Honey… Saw Ministry and met Al a few years ago, before he “retired”…  I saw the email this video was out just now, and just had to see it. I was hoping Ministry was “back”. Sorry to say, this didn’t do it for me. I appreciate what the song says, but Al’s writing talents are better than this. This is something I expect from a highschool garage band. The video was ok but the song just.. well…
    I’m not gonna hate on it or Al, because saying it sucks, while true, isn’t just gonna help.
    He can do better.

  • Chvad SB

    I love Ministry… Al is the guy that inspired me to grab an instrument and play but this single and the video don’t do a thing for me. The song is boring and the video is straight up amateur. 

  • Mwreding

    Thrashy Ministry tunes are always alright. I like the way Al does thrash.

  • LaDave

    song sounds like a ringtone. the video is just awful

  • Pabloe

     It seems Al went bankrupt. But allways will be the master, even if he make a record with just silence.

  • Alberto Zegarra

    FUCK YEAH !! Ministry forever !!!

  • Jdunnagin

    How is this the same guy that came up with Twitch, Land of Rape and Honey, Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, and Psalm 69?

    • Some guy

      Don’t forget about Filth Pig, Dark Side of the Spoon and Animositisomina, god damn it!

      Long live Paul Barker!!!!!!11

  • Loyalofficer02

    It was OK. Sounded like good ole-fashioned fun to me. The video was fine too. Good effort.

  • Raymond Medina

    First I want to thank Al for so many classic songs that fuel my workouts and also add some adrenaline to my life. Now onto the business at hand: Godawful video and song. Just terrible.

  • Shitfuck

    Uncle Al, are you even listening to this before you release it. C’mon dude, seriously, you have done better. this is just a boring, flavour of the month anthem. sorry, but i expect more from one of my favorite bands ever.

  • Nekrofago

    great song, ministry rules!!! from chile!!! the ass of the world


    Lets GO!

  • Grimace667

    looks like animoto grade shit, and song is mediocre.
    now i am not so sure a relapse is a great idea.

  • Eric Kolkey

    Great song! The new album is major badass!!

  • Dino Prima

    its a catchy fun tune…I like that its simple…big change for the epic Ministry! kinda cool ya don’t have to think about this one, ya could just enjoy it…George Costanza would luv it to Deth, lol….
    I give it 3.8 out of 5 stars!! Nice Job Uncle Al…ya can do Poppy politico-thrash pretty good there, old mate!!