Ministry Reveal Cover Art for New Album and Release Date for First New Original Song in Four Years, “99 Percenters”

In support of the “occupy movement,” Ministry will release the new song “99 Percenters” on iTunes on Dec. 23 and stream the track on their Facebook site starting Christmas day.

The song, which comes from the band’s upcoming album, Relapse (out March 23; see cover art below), is a rally cry for all of the protesters that have gathered across the country to demonstrate against corporate greed, cutthoat capitalism, and the one percent of Americans who earn millions of dollars a year, but receive substantial tax cuts on their income. Frontman Al Jourgensen said the chorus for the track, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 99 percent” was inspired by Country Joe and the Fish’s Vietnam protest song “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag.”

“Putting out this song is the least I could do,” Jourgensen told Revolver. “We wanted to fly to New York and protest and get arrested and pepper sprayed. But we can’t do it because I got a Christmas deadline on this album. But I’m with ’em in spirit so the least I could do is give them a chant-along song. I’m going, Hey man, here’s your song. All you gotta do is chant the chorus.”

In addition to “99 Percenters,” Relapse will feature the song “Get Up, Get Out and Vote.” Jourgensen plans to actively campaign for Democrats in Texas next year and encourages his fans to put more Democrats in Congress and the Senate and keep President Obama in office, despite his seeming willingness to compromise with the one percenters.

“This is going to be a brutal political season,” Jourgensen says. “The Republicans are gearing up for a fight because they got nothing. What do they got? Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney? It’s like a fuckin’ circus of clowns, but they have money behind them and money talks. So Obama’s gotta settle down the one percenters and get his money. I don’t fault him for that. I really feel strongly in my heart that the guy is for the people. But it’s gonna be like a war, dude. Football doesn’t even compare to the violence that’s gonna be coming up this next election.”

Relapse will be the first Ministry album of original material since 2007’s The Last Sucker and features songs written and performed by Jourgensen, guitarists Tommy Victor (Prong), and Mike Scaccia (ex-Rigor Mortis, Lard), and bassists Tony Campos (Static-X) and Casey Orr (ex-GWAR). Drummer Aaron Rossi will join the band on tour.

Ministry have booked five dates in the U.S. to support Relapse, starting June 17 in Denver, Colorado and ending June 29 with the second of two nights in Chicago, Jourgensen’s former hometown. Dates for the band’s European DefibrillaTour will be announced in January.


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  • pigface

    nice cover art…!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “I really feel strongly in my heart that the guy is for the people.” ha ha… whether you are a peg for 1 side or the other, you are still a peg.

  • McWeirdy


  • Lrd

    Putting it on iTunes in support of the occupy movement is a little….uhh…nevermind.

  • Rich Pea


  • Tom Ditmars

    End the Fed

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for this one. It’s gonna be a ‘Belter’! HAIL MINISTRY 

  • GrandMassa Beta

    what happened to ministry? they used to be the exact opposite of this shit, and now they support Obama? i remember “nwo” and “thieves” as songs against these bastards. i guess they’ll do anything to sell a few more records. nice guys, at least you are openly selling out and being hypocrites. disappointed :/

  • tonysdoctor

    WOW I can’t be more disappointed in Al.

    I thought he was retiring? Ministry in the last 10 years has really gotten worse with each album. Just how bad can you over kill power chords, and super fast riffs, and also the George Bush bashing, got really old after 2 albums.

    Oh and now he’s supporting the Wall Street protestors lmao. Go and listen to how STUPID those protestors are in interviews! I just lost a great amount of respect for Al (not that I had much left anyway) but seriously, those people are retarded. Most of them have the ability to work but chose not to because someone else has a better job than them, they need to get a life, and Al needs to stop writing garbage as he has done since Filth Pig.

    • Rob Gabriele

      Worse with each album?  I disagree.  I liked every album better than the last since that piece of shit Filth Pig.

      • Yo yo yo

        I like every album better than the last since that piece of shit Psalm 69, until Houses of the Mole.

    • Mike Martinez

      Of course they’ll look stupid, you think mass media is going to show you the truth behind the movement? Fuck no. They’re minimizing this as much as they can.

  • Maxxx

    Worst cover they had so far! I’m a big fan since “Just One Fix” (yeah, I know… but I’m 32) came out but I think Barker would be a great inspiration for Ministry! I hope the best though…

  • Adequateal

    Think I’ll go listen to Twitch or The Land Of Rape and Honey again- back when Ministry used to be different than everything else out there. Now they look like any another thrash-metal band, with their cheesy album covers and corny/dirty puns. I hope Al has a Relapse, plugs in his sampler, hires Barker back and makes an album that slays ’em.

  • Larry Frees III

    here’s the thing… fuck the cover art.  lets wait to give it a listen..  just sayin

  • guest

    I can’t believe you guys are talking shit about Ministry you guys are a bunch of douche bags. They have always been a politically charged band and they are just keeping up with the times you fucking idiots!

  • ratatosk333

    I disagree with him politically but MAN I love his music! I hope I get to see them live soon! I support Ron Paul, what this country REALLY needs is to go back to basics. Al’s right about the system being fucked but the thing is this isn’t true capitalism, it’s what I call “dick sucking” capitalism, where corporations suck the government’s dick to make sure they pass regulations the fucks over any possible competition. Case and Point: the FDA. The FDA wants to make sure the drug companies continue sucking their dicks so that they can put out whatever vile narcotic they want and say whatever they want about it as long as they pay the 10 million dollar fee, but makes sure NO smaller companies can afford to get their shit approved. and Barrack chicagomobster Obama lets them do whatever the fuck they want! fuck the government!

  • James Stevens

    Great music but politically disillusioned with the wrong candidate. To vote for Obama is to vote for the elite. I always thought Al was smart enough to realize that both parties work for the elite.

  • George

    “It’s all bullshit and none of it is good for you”.   George Carlin.

  • Mccainfralick

    its a gonna suck and you know it, im going to put on The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste and pretend its 1990

  • Jimmi Shrode

    The Democrats and the Republicans are like the Humans and The Pigs in Animal Farm–none of the other animals could tell the difference anymore.  Same thing with Ron Paul, too.  Barrack Obama is the Rodney King of the Democratic Party asking if we can all get along,  The point is moot.  They both created the Culture Wars so we would be too blind to see that the 1% own everything and control everything really.  Time to take it to their door and shut them all down.  Wait, this is America–we just sit on our asses and pretend like we have a choice.

    • Melody Ann

      please give an example of why you are dragging Ron Paul into this.  he stands against the things that create class war and the other things that harm us and that the 99% are against.  he speaks AND ACTS against those things, consistently.  he is the ONLY good candidate for those who stand united with the 99%.

  • James Brown

    I don’t expect a classic Ministry album.  I feel like it is a mistake to associate with politics too closely.  What do I expect?  Something hurried, something confused, and something dripping with the politics of the time.  I’m just not that big into politics.  I like the dub step / remixes better than the actual music produced by Ministry in the last few albums.  I’d rather hear Sin Daddy or Skrew for the Texas rock these days.  Though, this album could be great.  I’ll check it out.  I just don’t expect a classic album out of this.  


      haha… fuck yes. me too! (this is sindaddy, hahaha…

      • James Brown

        No way! Your music is awesome. Thx for the download you put out awhile back.

  • Ajryan1979

    Terrible terrible album cover :-( I have a bad feeling about this! I really hope this is better than it looks. The last REVCO didnt float my boat either. All of Al´s stuff used to be dirty as fuck without being cliche metal. What happened to that? The last REVCO album wasnt heavy in anyway, period. Make me proud with this one guys! Last best from MINISTRY had to be houses of the mole for me. Had it´s metal tracks granted, but loads of other cool stuff thrown in. It still had a post punk feel in places. Rio grand was an OK, but I over played it :-)

    • CHADWICK7376

      Al didnt do anything with Revco’s latest album..he step back, and let the other members do their thing, he only produced it


    Lets get one thing straight. Ministry are one awesome band and Al doesn’t have to do anything to appease you freaks that are talking shit about this album. Just be thankful he is doing it again. Man I get very upset about people talking their “opinion” about bands, if it sucks – so what?!?! Do you know how hard it would be to do another “classic” album? If you can do any better – step right up people! MINISTRY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

    • Jamesdeziel

      I guess you’ve upset yourself by claiming “Ministry are one awesome band” as that’s clearly your opinion. Why should we be thankful for something we dont appreciate. Go back to church you brainwashed fool, they’ll respect everything you say

  • guest

    good old times… dumpy cover!

  • CHADWICK7376

    ive heared some of the new stuff, and Ministry is harder a faster than before…Move on with the times people..he’s not going back to the ’80’s…Al IS GOD

  • CHADWICK7376

    cant wait till i see the concert in Chicago on June 29th…I’ve been sober for 15 months, but this concert will defiantly test me….

  • Melody Ann

    I do not understand how a thinking man like Al can promote Obama.  Obama has broken every single promise, and has done nothing to help us, much to hurt us, and has only aided and abetted everything the 99 percent are against… how can ANY of the 99%ers ever vote for Obama again??

    • Gino Lebro

      Clearly his mind is now mush.  Anyone who got sucked into Obama fever is registering extremely high on the sheepmind meter.  No offense to the guy, his early work was great, and his anti-Bush stuff has merit, but he cancelled himself out by supporting Obama.  Why isnt he supporting Ron Paul?  Makes no sense.

      • Nick Taxidermy

        Cause ron paul is a racist anti-abortion toad.

    • Than

      Same reason a lot of people will support Obama, he’s the better of two options. Yeah I wish he was better but he’s still better than the alternative.

  • Benzo

    still alive and hope that will be in the concert listing
    I saw these guys in Montreal a couple years ago
    and there awesome in concert !

  • Animositiominer

    How about Jourgensen`s liver? He said it won`t take touring anymore:)

  • Animositiominer

    How about Jourgensen`s liver? He said it won`t take touring anymore:)

  • D.

    Eh I won’t judge it by the cover or Al’s politics, I’ve only really been into Ministry from the start simply because I love Al’s songwriting and the music. I am cautiously looking forward to hearing this. I didn’t really believe “Last Sucker” was going to be the last we ever heard of Al. 😉

    Oh I like just about every Ministry record anyhow, Filth Pig included. Don’t know why people hate that one so much.

  • D.

    Eh I won’t judge it by the cover or Al’s politics, I’ve only really been into Ministry from the start simply because I love Al’s songwriting and the music. I am cautiously looking forward to hearing this. I didn’t really believe “Last Sucker” was going to be the last we ever heard of Al. 😉

    Oh I like just about every Ministry record anyhow, Filth Pig included. Don’t know why people hate that one so much.

  • Serhio


  • Serhio


  • Durgency

    Politics is not a football game where our team can do no wrong, theirs can do no right.  Dems are in bed with the corporations and world banking system as much as the Reps.  Re-examine the NWO and their agenda.  Divide and conquer, keep the left hand and right hands pointing at each other while the globalist tentacle picks our pockets.  
    Oh yeah, please don’t skip AZ like so many brainwashed bands who think we hate brown people.  CNN spews propaganda as much as FOX.

  • Gino Lebro

    Yeah seriously, you can’t lump Ron Paul into the bought and paid fors.  The man wants to END THE FED.  I get people not trusting politicians, thats been going on for 1,000s of years, but Ron Paul isn’t a politician in a conventional sense.  Atleast not by what is conventional today.  Ron Paul wants to decriminalize if not LEGALIZE drugs, end all of the current wars we’re invested in, he wants to audit the criminal Federal Reserve and he’s been consistant on this from day 1.