Motley Crue Preview New Single, “Sex”

Motley Crue’s new single, “Sex,” is set to debut on SiriusXM radio tomorrow, but you can get a taste of the track right now in the player below.

“Sex” was written and recorded during the band’s Las Vegas residency earlier this year, and will be released to coincide with the upcoming co-headlining tour featuring Motley and Kiss, which kicks off next weekend.

The track will be released officially this coming Tuesday, marking the release of the Crue’s first newly recorded material since 2008’s Saints Of Los Angeles (buy on iTunes).


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  • Cyabola

    All but Tommi and Nikki, the rest should just face it. They are old and nasty looking! They just don’t look rock and roll! They will never make it to be like the Rolling Stones!  

    • Fairtat2z

      Like the Stones………….what have they done the last 20 years? ……… exactly !!

      • Cpt. Howdy

        In the last twenty years the Stones have released two very solid albums. Motley Crue released two nearly solid songs. 

        • Good Apollo IV


          • Good Apollo IV


  • ShininginChains

    Who gives two shits how “old and nasty” someone looks. Its rock n roll, not a fucking beauty contest. As long as they keep rockin’ with the heart they’ve always had, i’m a happy camper.

  • Misfitvr6

    Sad. When are they gonna realize that until they record something like the first two albums, they are just pissing in the wind?

    • Fairtat2z

      Bands evolve and transform over the years. No band creates music like they did 30 years ago. FOr that matter… many bands are even still around after 30 years….not many.

      • Good Apollo IV

        Shit.Have you listen to the new RUSH album….They are on FIRE.It is called Passion.Which most of the members in MC lack anymore.

  • Rmicheal_pitstop

    Sad. When are people gonna realize that bands are gonna write music they want to play and listen to, not what you want or what sounds like their first or most popular album. This isn’t pop music this is rock n roll! Keep on rockin Motley! And Mick Mars is as rock n roll as they come!

  • Knuckles_Grymm

    Nice effort on the title boys…

  • Jasen49

    This just isnt the band I was raised on. I wish em the best but they’ve been horrible for 20 years now.

  • Ryan Moomey

    I love Motley Crue. Hats off to em. At least it doesnt sound like the rest of the crap that rock bands put out nowadays…like NICKELCRAP!

    • Good Apollo IV

      Um.It kinda does sound like some of the shit out there.Just sayin’.They could and SHOULD do better.Some of the guys are just sittin’ back and getting a check.