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Mötley Crüe to Begin Las Vegas Residency Next February

Mötley Crüe to Begin Las Vegas Residency Next February

After much speculation, it was revealed last night that Mötley Crüe will be performing a residency in Las Vegas at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino next February. Although plenty of performers from Céline Dion to Carlos Santana have played an extended run on the Vegas strip, Crüe will be the first metal band to do so.

“Who wouldn’t jump at a chance to design a show that gets left in there and the people come to the show," drummer Tommy Lee tells Revolver. "It doesn’t have to move. So production-wise, it’s gonna get pretty crazy."

While the current plan is for the band to set-up-shop at the Joint from February 3 through to February 19, performing four shows a week, frontman and Vegas resident Vince Neil claimed that that period could be extended.

“Hopefully, you know, if it’s successful and it works out for everybody, why not?” he says. “You’re basically on tour but you’re not really touring, which is great because that’s the great thing about Vegas, because people from all over the world are here for a few days and then they move on and then new people are always coming in. So, you’re basically having the world come to you.”

For a band that has always been about a lot more than just the music, Lee says that a proper Vegas show has been something that’s been on their radar for a many years.

“We’ve gone to a lot of the big-Vegas-production shows and we all have talked about it many times, going ‘God, could you imagine if we could only get our hands on this kind of an opportunity, what we could do with it?’” he recalls. “So, I mean, this has been something we’ve all talked about for a long time. This is gonna be wild.”

As for specific details about the show itself, while nothing has yet been finalized, the band claimed that it would be unlike any other concert experience. “We really want the audience to be in the show, not watching the show,” Lee explains. “It’s gonna be something really extraordinary that’s never really been done. That’s the whole point and purpose for us to even do this is to put together something that is just an insane experience. When people walk out they’re like ‘Dude, I can’t even believe what just fucking happened in there.’”

While other entertainers are likely to feature, one thing sure to become a regular feature of Mötley Crüe’s Vegas residency is, of course, “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

“It sure would be fun to really do it Vegas style and have there be, you know, nudity or almost nude, Lee commented. “I mean it is Vegas, right. Come on, that’s why we signed up for this shit.” He laughs.

Photo by P.R. Brown

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