Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx on the Band’s Future: “It’s about trying to find the right time to end it.”

Following yesterday‘s revelation that Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil was seriously considering quitting the band after their Las Vegas residency next February, bassist Nikki Sixx has hinted that the band’s end may be nigh. In an interview, conducted earlier this month with Sleaze Roxx, Sixx said, “I don’t think this band was meant to last and we’ve lasted way longer than anyone ever expected us to.”

Sixx continued: “For us it’s about trying to find the right time to end it [the band] correctly. We’ve had that talk as a band and even in the last year or so we’ve spoken that at some time we’re going to want to wrap this up.

“I feel really proud of the band but we are taking steps to finish the movie and when we do we’ll look at that time. When the movie comes out it’ll be time to finish on a high note, on a positive, and not like we’re breaking up. I think that’s a good thing and will probably put us about 35 years which is a long time for a rock band which is cool. We’re not sad, we’re happy.”


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  • Fiskra

    Right Time = 1994

  • toby mitchell

    how long can mick mars keep going anyway. the dude can barely move onstage anymore. but anyway.. ive been waiting for the movie for over ten years now and that would be a good way to end this thing called motley crue

  • Anthonyaxl

    I guess i’m gonna have to make sure and see them one more time before it’s all over.

  • akrnangela@aol.com

    Shit, I am already mourning my youth. Now the band is going to call it quits, fricking bummer.

  • Metalish666

    the one time i had tickets in toronto i didn’t go because we didn’t have the money so i sold my ticket Dammit!!!!, now i might never get to see them