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Mushroomhead Frontman Jeffrey Nothing Premieres New Video, "Sin O' Cism"

Mushroomhead Frontman Jeffrey Nothing Premieres New Video,

Jeffrey Nothing, frontman of Cleveland masked maniacs Mushroomhead, has released the music video for the track "Sin O' Cism," off his debut solo album, The New Psychodalia, which is available right here. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

REVOLVER What is the song "Sin O' Cism" about?
JEFFREY NOTHING "Sin O' Cism" is about the struggle to survive in a world greatly divided between the wealthy and everyone else. A story of all the pawns in the world's military risking life and limb, and the presidents, dictators, and kings with much more pressing issues on their collective plates. Don't kid yourself because whatever line of work or walk of life you choose, to the powers that be, you amount to nothing more than that name tag, uniform, or the cash you put in that basket every Sunday. From graduation to the grave, all anyone cares about is production. We are all here to feed the machine. Our watered-down news is only the freshest, grade-A propaganda, our prisons are full of society's dregs that no one cared enough to help become more. We, as a people, breed a new monster with each passing second. Morals are a pleasant disguise for the evil residing in the bowels of hell we call home. This village is too big and our elders turn their heads and let the demons run free. This new Inhumanity.

Why did you want to make a video for this song?
"Sin O' Cism" is brutal and quick and over in a blink. It's a thing of beauty in this A.D.D community. It's a quick sucker punch before we reel you in. The song isn't window dressing. It's who this band is. Skinny [Mushroomhead drummer] had a vision for the song and thanks to good friend and noted flatlander Scott Powell's ChengaWorld Skate Park, we could create the needed distance between members to give it that scope. I plan to do a couple theatrical videos for the next couple songs, but this one had to be right. No crazy masks or makeup this time, just a maddening rant in full spectrum rage. I believe it's a quality welcome inside  the expanses left in minds free to roam this range.

What did you want to do with the video for the song?
We wanted to say hello, turn heads, and wake the dead... We wanted to show a band in the purest sense of the word. A dirty wall, no extras, no props, just a chip on our shoulders that will never go away. Skinny had the idea and we ran with it and it worked. The video was shot in no time, 15 takes, no nonsense, no bullshit, just some sick motherfuckers with something to say. We are Nothing. We'll take Nothing... Good luck trying to forget us when we've gone away. 2012 isn't the end it's a new beginning. Let's wake this thing called metal up, shake off the dust, and start a new! Nothing's in! Are you?

What was the video shoot like?
It was fun, big-ass skate park, some good friends. Fifteen takes, no time to waste. It goes quick when everyone's on the same page. We wanted to prove a point and not do the same thing or make something just to have a video we wanted to portray the intensity of the song without coming across insincere. I mean, sure, the mask worn by Skinny when he shot his parts is kind of a silly mask, but in the song, it feels creepy and twisted like the subject of the song itself. We are promised a lot in life and the reality is it all ends. So free yourselves from whatever it is you call your cage and live!

Were there any misadventures during the shoot?
Yeah, Pat as always ran sound and, like the good soldier he is, he always inspects his gear to insure smooth sailing on set. After about 8 takes in, the song flickers in and out as the playback died. So I got on the mic and said,  "Enough already, man. We didn't pay you to DJ. Knock it off asshole!" LD hit "badum-ching" on the drums. Oh well, fuck it, I never could tell a joke. Guess you had to be there.

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