Mushroomhead Premiere New Music Video, “QWERTY”


Mushroomhead recently released their eighth studio album, The Righteous & the Butterfly. Today, the band has premiered the video for one of the tracks off the record, “QWERTY.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The Righteous & the Butterfly is available now on iTunes.


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  • Greenie

    love it

  • Eugene Bakman

    That was fucking terrible. “boom-boom”?

  • Mike D

    Ah, nu metal. Is this classic rock yet?

  • anonymouse

    even linkin park’s qwerty sounds better than this…

  • Francois Myburgh

    Oh my fuck, that was horrible!!!

  • L-m Ahouin


  • J.H.


  • Fredrik Björklund

    Great that they stole the artwork from Slipknot:)

    • Adam

      This band came out 5 years before Slipknot, so you mean Slipknot stole everything from Mushroomhead.

      • Geoff Sharman

        Finally someone else who knows there shit! hahah. True story, as much as I love slipknot, MH were doing it well before!

        • Sanct1mon1a

          And before them, Mr. Bungle, KISS, and the list goes on. Oh and Lordi stole it from Slipknot too. Proves Fredrik here is a stupid hater who just wants people to see his comments.

  • phat420

    bad ass =)

  • Moshgod

    Gwar and others before. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. Pretty simple really. I don’t go listen to Justin Bieber videos and then post that I don’t like his music with his fans.

  • Phillip Blair

    It’s like ICP, Clutch, and Gwar, all rolled into one. Not sure if I like it or not, I’ll have to get back to ya later!

  • P-W-X

    didnt love it at first but now i listen to this song all day long 😀

  • Jonny

    Overall, not bad. But to be honest I was expecting a video for the song “Worlds Collide”, it is much more interesting and powerful

    • Ryan

      Really? I find that song incredibly boring to be honest. :s Differing opinions and all that.

  • chops

    This video,song,the whole album is killer! I’m a long time fan and this song/video reminds me a lot of seltitled mushroomhead so great job guys and the lineup kicks ass too!

  • cory dean

    this album is up there with there best in xiii and superbuick I hope they release more videos!!!

  • Ryan

    Not my favorite song on the album (though I’ve grown to appreciate it and do like it), but this video was awesome. X,,,x