Mushroomhead Premiere New Song, “Out of My Mind”


Mushroomhead released their eighth studio album, The Righteous & the Butterfly, yesterday (May 13). Today, the band is streaming one of the tracks off the record, “Out of My Mind.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The Righteous & the Butterfly is available now on iTunes.


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  • Lucas Paulucci Pereira

    Another 2014 great album is coming.

  • hazardousglow

    Thank you revolver magazine for actually posting the correct band photo. Metalsucks has blasted the band and even more hysterical is they used a slipknot picture in the process! Thanks for knowing your bands, it really makes the readers feel better about where to find their metal info!

    • Ryan

      The Slipknot picture is supposed to be some sort of insult.

      • Dakota John-Michel Le Francois

        Slipknot & Mushroomhead have no beefs or problem or anything whatsoever they both have utmost respect for each other both bands have said this many times in interviews.

    • R Troy Peterson

      I’m pretty sure it was satire……

  • Chloroform Girl

    I really like the new album…

  • yoitsme

    I like Mushroomhead in general, but I am not crazy about this single. Feels like its missing the personality that made other songs good. There isn’t a lot of depth or layering in the sound. The creepy twisted vibe that won me over in the past is missing as well as an element of interest like a unique, instrument, sample, or percussion that made them stand out from the crowd. I kept waiting for that heavy breakdown or something but it just never came. Not horrible, but feels uninspired and they are capable of more.

    • Cory Cook

      This isn’t a good representation of the album as a whole. I like this song, but it’s one of the weaker tracks. Listen to Cold Reign and Son of 7 man. You’ll be impressed. It’s a killer record.

      • David

        I’d even say Devils be Damned too.

  • lostanfoundjo

    Good………………………………..It is missing PIG BENIS!

  • Kgmoney

    This isn’t their single…it’s just an official stream.

  • paul seibert

    iam going to see them at mayhem tour this year

    • Kevin Valdez

      I’m sorry

  • Dave

    Buying the CD Friday..
    Gave the album a listen through on YouTube (full album stream) and I’m surprised with their choices for releases. QWERTY is terrible and this song leaves fans wanting more. The other songs are great though!

  • Spike Bates

    This song reminds me of the reason I got into Mushroomhead in the first place. The beauty is in it’s simplicity. Love it!

  • Dakota John-Michel Le Francois

    This album is awesome love it and the new guitar work is amazing very well put together album even have some oldschool feels in there throughout the album.

  • ki

    This album is the best work they have done in awhile! I love the old school feel and love that j Mann is back. He brings so much to the group