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Nate Derby of Such Gold Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Nate Derby of Such Gold Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Leading up to the end of the year, Revolver has asked some of our favorite artists to pick their Top Albums of 2012 and tell us why each record rules. Here, Nate Derby (pictured left), guitarist of the melodic-hardcore band Such Gold, selects his faves.





5. Title Fight, Floral Green
"I was never an enormous fan of this band but still enjoyed their releases. With that said, Floral Green is right up my alley. Their angsty vocals finally work perfectly for me against the huge wall of sound they were able to create on this recording."











4. Pinback, Information Retrieved
"I haven't had this one on constant repeat yet, but Pinback has remained one of my favorite bands for years and any new Pinback record is going to make my Top Five pretty much no matter what. I love the crystal clear tones and clockwork rhythms so tight you can set your watch to them."











3. Propagandhi, Failed States
"This goddamn band continues to rip so very hard after all these years and continues to top themselves with each release. Not much more that I can say that hasn't already been said by someone more qualified than myself. If you don't have this record then you've fucked up."











2. Converge, All We Love We Leave Behind
"Converge return with a bang and a stern reminder that they are still here, still relevant, and still on top of their game. This band and album are untouchable."











1. Torche, Harmonicraft
"Easily my favorite band of the last couple years. They continue to release incredible music with each full-length being better than their last. Crushingly heavy tones juxtaposed with perfectly honed rock sensibility. Buy this record and fall in love with this band as I have."


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