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Necrodeath to Release Retrospective CD

Long-running Italian death-thrash band Necrodeath have announced their definitive retrospective CD, The Age of Fear, which is due out in North America on June 14 via Scarlet Records. The 15-track anthology features tracks spanning every album in the band's discography, starting with 1987's debut album, Into The Macabre, through their latest release, Old Skull.

In addition, a previously unreleased "onyric" version of the song "Queen Of Desire," which features guest appearances by Giorgia Gueglio (Mastercastle) on vocals and Botys Beezard (Godyva) on piano, a cover version of Slayer's classic "Black Magic" and a live version of "The Theory" will also be included in The Age of Fear.

The Age of Fear track listing:

1. Mater Tenebrarum (from the album Old Skull, 2010)
2. Awakening Of Dawn (from the album Phylogenesis, 2009)
3. I.N.R.I. (from the album Phylogenesis, 2009)
4. Smell Of Blood (from the album 'Draculea', 2007)
5. Master Of Morphine (from the album 100% Hell, 2006)
6. Forever Slaves (from the album 100% Hell, 2006)
7. Queen Of Desire (from the album Ton(e)s Of Hate, 2003)
8. Burn And Deny (from the album Black As Pitch, 2001)
9. Hate And Scorn (from the album Mater Of All Evil, 1999)
10. Flame Of Malignance (from the album Mater Of All Evil, 1999)
11. Eucharistical Sacrifice (from the album Fragments Of Insanity, 1989)
12. At The Mountains Of Madness (from the album Into The Macabre, 1987)
13. The Theory (live, 2010)
14. Queen Of Desire (onyric version, 2011)
15. Black Magic (Slayer cover, from the album Old Skull, 2010)

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