Korn Stream New Song, “Never Never”

Korn will release The Paradigm Shift, their 11th studio album and first new record with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch in a decade, in stores and via digital retailers on October 8 on Prospect Park. The lead single from the record, “Never Never,” is currently streaming on the band’s Facebook page. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • austin


  • Jack

    Super disappointing. I’ve lost 99% of the excitement I had for this album.

  • Brad Gammey

    Definitely nothing like what I would have imagined. It took a few minutes, but I think I get it. It’s like crossing that raw-nature that Korn helped lay the foundation for, sprinkle in some growing up, and give it some solid melody.

  • hormone

    Sounds more ambient. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

  • ryan

    the quality is crap. the song is meh…

  • Robb

    Are we sure this is Korn? Sounds more like a softer KILLBOT! Need a don’t like button to click!! Tired of this dub-step crap! Not just from Korn, but from anybody!! I understand it, but need it like I need another hole in my head.

  • Larry Szwiec

    very NIN ish…….sounds nothing like a head reunion song…..especially for the first single

  • Hororka

    They should stop getting high with Skrillex so much, it messes up their heads 😛

  • 3th Rider Of The Apocalypse

    At the moron below me, are you really trying to compare the great NIN with this piece of shit band? LOL What a moron. This band sucked since the beginning and now they are doing a pathetic attempt to stay alive on this new era of music.
    They should all go give head to god.

  • Brad

    Video removed by user? Guess I’m not missing much.

  • exkornfan

    it’s terrible

  • anony


  • ruda bega

    a “like” gate to stream it? no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    God, I miss the old-school Korn. Even with Head back in the force, Korn is still as crappy as their dubstep thing

  • Felipe I. Cabello

    i didn’t like it because it isn’t dark enough, and I didn’t like the electronic sound very much in this one, it just doesnt sound like korn.

  • Josh Rowe

    Garbage… BY FAR the worst song in their 20 year career… I was so excited for this album until I heard the abomination that is “Never Never”… now I could care less about the new KoRn album… that song crushed all the hope I had.

  • Jonathan Ledwig

    Are yall fucking kidding me? Why is everyone bashing this song. There are still 12 more songs left on the album. Not to mention we got a sneak peak already of a great ballad. I do believe we will be surprised on this new album. This song isn’t that bad for what it is. Is it old korn? Nope Is it new korn? Yea.

    I think it was a fun song for them to do together. They weren’t looking to blow our minds away they were looking to show that they can still have fun even after all the drama they have been through.

    So lets not hate on this album just yet until we actually hear some of the other tracks

  • Cyclobe

    Absolutely love this new single, and can’t wait for the album!!!

  • JRV

    Not anywhere near their best. But, not their worst. Very disappointing overall.

  • KillerJ73

    Oh,hell,why do you need to change,my dear Korn??Don’t you know that if you don’t continue to sound exactly like my favorite album or song of yours,I won’t like you anymore??I’m just too close minded to accept that you might change or evolve in any way….sheesh…People wake the fuck up,change is inevitable…I can’t think of even ONE artist that I like that still sounds the same as when I started listening…that would be fucking boring and I would lose interest…KORN kicks ASS!!

  • Anthony Grassa

    catchy! but hope the album is a little better

  • Fizo

    Very weak I’m sorry but that’s the truth…

  • logan

    not a big fan