New Music out Today, Vote for the Record of the Week

This week sees new shit from The Dillinger Escape Plan, Escape The Fate, My Dying Bride, Mindless Self Indulgence, and more hitting stores. Check out the list of releases below and let us know which ones you’re snagging a copy of and which record should be the Album of the Week. Pick your favorite and feel free to vote as many times as you want. Voting ends on Monday, May 20, at noon, when the results will be announced.

UPDATE: The poll is closed. For the results, click here.


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  • Travis Taylor

    Hey, author of this article. In case you weren’t aware (not sure how you wouldn’t be): Polkadot Cadaver’s new album takes the cake here. Easily. You’ve got ears. Use them and realize.

    • T Dog

      The butthurt is strong with this one.

    • Nick Jenks

      Ugh… are you serious?
      DFD was way better. PC is awful.

      • Travis Taylor

        DFD was great. But the world moves on. If you’re a DFD and think PC is awful, then I don’t know how much of an Dog Fashion fan you actually are (and I FORTUNATELY have no way to align with your perception). To the point… Polkadot is a next step for members of DFD and an excellent one at that. If you don’t like it, then you’re just missing out.

        • Nick Jenks

          Don’t know man. Didn’t hit for me like DFD did I guess.

          • Micha

            People have the same thing with EL-CREEPO! ,

            It’s all matter of personal taste, I like them all really.
            MSI too

  • Tara Okeefe

    msi all the way love the new album cant get enough well worth the wait !

  • Jowi Meli

    Viva la Mindless Self Indulgence!

  • Mike S

    I used those ears, listened for a bit and then I realized something. Mindless Self Indulgence ate the cake you speak of.

    • Ykcir Rekrap

      Shady as fuck!!!

  • Laura Hall

    MSI kicks all these bands asssssss

  • margaret

    Kings Destroy kills these bands.

  • margaret

    Kings Destroy kills these bands.

  • Legally Insane


  • alex

    MSI conquers all.


    MSI. If you disagree you are a fucking idiot. So stop voting for that crap band that isn’t MSI or we will break your clicking fingers….

    • Micha

      Poor you <3 Polkadot is going to win this one

  • Adam Marks

    Poor Dillinger. Never saw the bots coming.

    • RobinSpilliams

      I also get the impression that Dillinger wouldn’t really give a shit.

      • Evan Baman Brown

        considering they told there fans to not vote for them when they were placed in the cage match about a month ago, im sure they give no fucks. still, that album is killer.

  • SkankyPanky

    For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of being a Mindless Self Indulgence fan! I’m sure the new album is great, but you fans are pouty little babies!

    • billh

      How so?

      • SkankyPanky

        Because Polkadot was winning due to their extremely dedicated fan base, who by the way were working very hard to help out the band. Then Jimmy comes along and starts accusing us of using auto bots, when really, that wasn’t the case at all. I am a fan of both bands, but Polkadot Cadaver is not as well known as MSI and could really use the win on this, maybe it could help them get an interview or album review. Also, the polkadot fans aren’t talking about what a shit band MSI is and we’re not being rude to the fans. Let’s just keep this a fun and friendly battle!! Also, before judging or saying that the band is shit, listen to them. If you’re an MSI fan, there’s a good chance you just might light them!!

        • SkankyPanky

          Like* them

        • Emma

          Well actually there are a lot of Polkadot Cadaver fans who says that MSI is shit so…. Anyway seems like Polkadot is winning.

          • SkankyPanky

            Yeah, that happened as I was typing that last comment, which was kind of disappointing for me, lol! Made me look like a liar! Truth is, neither band is shit and I am a big fan of both of them! Polkadot is just my favourite band and needs this win far more than MSI ever could. As everything was going on last night, the band members were online with us, thanking us and telling us how much they love us for being supportive fans. They hang out with us as though we’re their friends and they bring everyone close together. That’s always been something that I have loved about Dog Fashion Disco and Polkadot Cadaver. Jimmy just said Hey! They’re winning and sent in his minions to do all of the work and then disappeared! Polkadot deserves the win!!

          • Micha

            Actualy, I love MSI a lot too, in this case it is of no use for me to vote for MSI and PDC , since the complete list is based on 100%

        • billh

          There are posts from fans on Polkadot’s page where they are openly admitting to using bots. I know that the fan base is dedicated (I am a fan myself and also love DFD) but the fact is some of the fans ARE using bots to vote and there is a screenshot proving that. I am all for fun and friendly, the two bands are musical allies as far as I am concerned. It is really just a few fans stirring up drama.

          • Micha

            Wasn’t that a post PDC posted from the MSI page ?

  • Horsecock


    • Ykcir Rekrap

      what is the all the dick references by you msi fans?… hmmmm??? lmao!!!! oh yeah the singer is urine..

      • micha

        And penis envy I reckon

  • Romany Suicide

    Romany Suicide of Suicide Girls for fucking Polkadot Cadaver!!!

    • billh

      Oh, well in that case consider the battle won.

    • Micha

      Thank you , thank you , thank you !

  • Pk1Still

    Polkadot definitely!

  • Everyone

    MSI definitely!

  • Drunkenstein

    nO qUestiOn abOUt it MSI wins!

    • Raven Faust

      Msi sucks

      • Ykcir Rekrap

        yes, indeed they do.. Marilyn manson rejects they are!!!

  • Raven Faust

    Polkadot Cadaver – Last Call in Jonestown

    • Peanis


      • Ykcir Rekrap

        considering your name.. I don’t think your opinion is valid.

        • Micha

          Ykcir, you are hilarious <3

  • Emma

    Can the Polkodot fans stop using an autobot? ^^

    • Ykcir Rekrap

      we’re not, I assure

      • Emma

        You maybe aren’t. Someone in the fandom.

        • maryjaynemurder

          None of us are using bots. Read the threads sweetie.

          • Cristina017

            I’ve been at it off and on since 6am between my laptop, my phone and my work computer…. it’s called dedication!

          • Emma

            Yeah well I’ve been clickvoting for MSI a couple of hours and it isn’t paying off so I’m disappointed. Whatever. Seems like Polkadot Cadaver is winning anyway, congrats!

          • Micha

            The race ain’t over yet, Emma

      • Micha

        Sorry man, I am oldschool, I click for the wins

  • Jasan

    I assure you there are plenty of MSI bots in the fandom.

    • Nick Thome

      looks like their fans have’t taken direction from their band’s new album’s title.

  • Nick Thome

    Looks like some MSI fans haven’t actually learned how to stop giving a shit.

  • Ms.N8mare

    WTF? Why does it say I can vote “as many times as I want” yet it’s now not letting me vote, saying that i’ve voted too many times and I can’t vote again without a cooling off phase? That’s bullshit. I should be able to click and vote “as many times as I want” as advertised.


  • Bill B.

    No bots here, just lots and lots of clicking, doing it old school. I mean, come on, you guys raised almost 1/4 of a million dollars on kickstarter to record an album, and you’re worried about winning a poll? Polkadot funded, recorded and released Last Call, all by themselves. If somebody in the world hasn’t heard of M.S.I. by now, they’re living under a rock.

  • I didn’t care enough


  • KulseeHoopder

    Hahahaha, looks as if people love fucking with the MSI fans. Blow it out your ass, no one cares what you think. <3 MSI forever.

  • Chris Urban

    My question is, why isn’t the new The Wonder Years album on this? IMO, its that or Dillinger.

  • Shel

    I don’t know about any of you, but I spent hours voting last night and will continue to do so. I’m not a bot. I’m a huge Pdot fan. And Pdot likes Msi. So let’s just see what happens. If bots are being used that really sucks for those of us who put time in just because we’re dedicated fans.

    • Micha

      Was planning on using one, but my consious woke up .
      ( my apoligees for my grammar)

  • Kitty

    who the fuck is Polkadot Cadaver? another whiny emo band, as their name would suggest?

    • billh

      Nothing of the sort. They are pretty great and not at all emo.

    • Romany SG

      Quite actually they are totally genre-defying, groundbreaking and completely unique, nothing like emo, nu-metal or screamo whatsoever, of course if you took one second to check them out you’d know that by know and probably already be voting for them…

      • Jamie_s12

        Checked them out, Genre-Defying? They sound like a shit version of Korn…, Unless that’s a new genre-defying genre or something ?

        • Chris Pantozzi

          I wouldn’t call them genre-defying, unless mallcore is a genre. (lol) Saying they’re a shit version of Korn is pretty ignorant and insulting, especially since it’s hard to be a ‘shit’ version of something already shit.

          • reggie

            Mallcore? You’re an absolute moron.

          • Chris Pantozzi

            Jokes don’t work well on the internet. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

  • Romany SG

    No bots for Polkadot Cadaver here, just dedicated fans voting hundreds of times and the fact that Polkadot Cadaver is not only an amazing band but they also have a Suicide Girl promoting them on several sites probably helps. :) I love MSI too, so it sucks to choose but DFD had been my favorite band for over ten years and Polkadot Cadaver makes me masturbate uncontrollably 😉

  • John S Rubenkoenig

    So I listened to a couple of new tracks from polka and MSI. Both bands are…………………total garbage!!! Is this what is passing as popular music in the hard rockmetal scene? If it is then metal is in more trouble than I thought. One of us is the killer is by far the best new release this week. Of course the masses vote for the garbage throw away music.

    • Chris Pantozzi

      Dillinger Escape Plan is by far more popular. I don’t think PDot has ever even headlined a tour, John.

      I don’t get what you’re so angry about. Both bands are -hugely- influenced by Mike Patton/Mr.Bungle, it seems like you’re more affected by narcissism than the actual music.

  • Tim

    polkadot cadaver and their related projects is the difference between making music to get ass, grass, and cash of the corporate cow, and creating something that is completely unadulterated adultery of what ever musical genre suits these evenings macabre pallet. hat’s off, and bottoms up.

  • reggie

    DEP is really great in small doses, just like most math metal bands. What makes polkadot cadaver great is that they are just a really great rock band. They aren’t as weird as you might think. Go back and listen to the songs Brainwash and Long Strange Trip to Paradise from their first album. In a just music world those songs would have been huge hits.

  • Leevi Koskivuori

    Polkadot Cadaverrrrrrr-rrrrrr-rrrrrrr…R! :3