New Music Out Today, Vote for the Record of the Week

question-markThis week sees new shit from Devil You Know, Miss May I, Whitechapel, and more hitting stores. Check out the list of releases below and let us know which ones you’re snagging a copy of and which record should be the Album of the Week. Pick your favorite and feel free to vote as many times as you want. Voting ends on Monday, May 5, at noon, when the results will be announced.

UPDATE: The poll is closed. To view the results, click here.


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  • farklegeist

    wow these results are so incredibly illegitimate.

  • farklegeist

    seriously, who the fuck is romantic rebel??

    • Alexandria

      Pretty much one of greatest bands, you should listen to them.

    • Brandon

      Romantic Rebel is a fantastic band that know how to rock the stage! I saw them open a show once and seriously, there were more fans rockin out in front of the stage than the main act. Just goes to show how awesome they really are!

  • Nico Zammuto

    Romantic rebel rocks!!!!! Can’t wait to see you guys dominate this!!! So well deserved!!

  • Joseph Mills

    Romantic Rebel is a great band, great live performance. They are all over the Chicago area right now and quickly expanding out. You better go see them soon before they get huge, which is happening fast.

  • RKowalke

    Romantic Rebel is a Chicago based Metal group that Rocks!!! Not an illegitimate poll, the album is awesome and the fans know it!

  • Robert Dipisa

    romantic rebel is a Chicago band that knows how to rock.

  • MKowalke

    Romantic Rebel is an amazing LOCAL band from Chicago that ROCKS!!! Go see them for yourself and you will see just how LEGITIMATE of a band they are!!! #RRfan4life

  • Rebel4Ever

    Hell yeah! RR rules.

  • sven

    I’m so very excited to see this band go like this. RR is great!!!!

  • Jesse Malloy

    Devil You Know!!!

  • DrummerJake23

    I saw Romantic Rebel at Wisconsin Metalfest opening for Asking Alexandria and Sevendust…they kicked ass!!!!!! Go RR!!! m/

  • Voitilov

    Romantic Rebel better than Devil You Know,Death & Insomnium? NO,i dont think so.

  • kmdyf

    whitechapel let it burnnnnnn

  • kmdyf

    omg just googled romantic rebel…..horrible. i was waiting for a justin beiber cameo.

    • Brandon

      Way better than Whitechapel shit. They are pure garbage!!

    • Joseph Mills

      I guess that makes you a Beiber fan if you were waiting for a cameo.

  • MetalX

    Romantic Rebel has my vote. m/

  • AskingTheSirens97

    Omg yall don’t even know. Romantic Rebel is amazing. Female fronted metalllll! <3 <3 <3

  • Pierce_The_Horizon16

    !!!! <3 <3 Romantic Rebel <3 <3 !!!!

  • BlazeWitch


  • BlazeWitch

    If that’s not your shiz, Devil You Know is awesome too!

  • XxJasonHendersonxX

    Why has the ending date for voting been extended? Don’t want an unknown band to win it, huh? smh

    Go Rebels!

  • Shelby Nicole

    i thought it was album of the week? Not two weeks. Can’t have an amazing local band win, so you’re going to give the slackers who didn’t vote originally an extra week.

  • True2Rock

    When did “Album of the Week” become best “album of the last 2 weeks”? Seems Revolver Magazine didn’t like the fact that a small, hardworking, young band was winning Album of the Week and decided to extend the end date to let others “catch up”. What’s with that? I think your readers deserve an honest explanation~

  • Rocktiludrop

    Revolver so you change the rules mid game? This poll was supposed to end tomorrow, but you decide to change the deadline when an unknown, underdog band is in the lead? Got to wonder what else you adjust to favor the big bands and artists?

  • PierceTheMichelle

    Super uncool of Revolver to change the rules 24 HOURS before the voting was supposed to end. You’ve lost all of my respect, and will only gain it back if you give the title to the band who rightfully deserves it; Romantic Rebel. Such a wrong thing to do. So the question is, when RR still has the lead a week from now, are you gonna change the rules again??!? Extend it another week??! Complete BS.

  • motorcityMattman

    Romantic Rebel will win regardless of your stupid rule changes. #wearerebels

  • Joseph Mills

    Rule change, uncool.
    Romantic Rebel will win, they are what rock is all about.

  • zainsmith

    Anti-mortem are the best on this whole list
    Romantic rebel can suck my d**k

  • Chad Erickson

    Anti Mortem Kicks ass, Should get Album of the year honors!

  • TommyYouKnow

    Rebels!!!!! m/ Funny how Revolver changed the rules last minute to accommodate all of the “big” bands. Scared that a local band was gonna take the title? Hilarious as fuhhhh.

  • Nico Zammuto

    ROMANTIC REBEL!!!!!! #wearetherebelalliance

  • RKowalke

    Rebel Nation Victorious!!!!!

  • Frankasourasrex_

    Go RR!!

  • Tom Koehler

    Romantic Rebel Kicks Ass!! nough said