New Music Out Today, Vote for the Record of the Week

question-markThis week sees new shit from Fozzy, Ill Nino, Overkill, and more hitting stores. Check out the list of releases below and let us know which ones you’re snagging a copy of and which record should be the Album of the Week. Pick your favorite and feel free to vote as many times as you want. Voting ends on Monday, July 28, at noon, when the results will be announced.

UPDATE: The poll is closed. To view the results, click here.


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  • krycek76

    You left out Sweet Nothings by Dog Fashion Disco

  • Jonathan

    Also, Supreme Chaos by War of Ages

  • Lucas Gianoli

    Overkill, all the way.

  • Lilly

    I love Fozzy – Do you wanna start a war *-* <3

  • JK2223

    Vote Fozzy! They’re neck and neck with Ill Nino!

  • metalmike72

    OverKIll – White Devil Armory…Best Pure Metal CD of 2014

  • Daniel Earl

    If Fallujah doesn’t come top then certain members of this community need to re-evaluate their lives.

  • fuckwhatuheard

    ill nino!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kristin

    Ill nino ….mmhmm till death la familia ♡

  • storm

    Fozzys new album/ song is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve not stopped listening to it for 3 days now.

  • ash

    ILL NIÑO!!!!!

  • John Prime

    Ill Ni̱o РTill Death, La Familia

  • JK2223

    Wow how did Fozzy get from nearly tying Ill Nino to losing by a landslide!? Come on people! Fozzy’s new album is awesome! That’s who should’ve won!

  • Valerie Cisneros

    Crown the empire♡♡♡

  • renata

    Crown the empire <3

  • Stormi Kelley


  • Dani

    Crown the empire!

  • Torie

    Crown the Empire!!!!!

  • Janet

    Crown the empire !!! ^.^

  • Gabby

    Crown the empiree

  • Allison

    Crown the empire!!!

  • Tosh

    Crown The Empire!

  • Mary Gonzalez :D

    Crown The Empire <3 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johann


  • Ray Crespo

    Crown The Empire!!!!!!!

  • Mackenzie

    Crown The Empire :3

  • Sammy

    Crown the empire. xD

  • Tyler

    Crown The Empire!

  • Jeremy Esquivel

    Crown The Empire all the wayy.

  • Cassie Mary Dorman

    Crown the Empire!!!

  • allie2014

    Crown the empire

  • henri

    crown the empire

  • Slevin Cerulli

    Crown the empire!!!!

  • effy cross

    Crown the empire

  • Samantha Egging

    Most definitely Crown the Empire!! xD

  • meowmeow_kittyy

    Crown The Empire!!!!

  • rocki

    Obviously crown the empire… the album is amazing

  • Ellecer

    crown the empire

  • AwakeServant

    Crown the empire. Nuff said. Just make the next one about bringing peolle into the light. Maybe like the devil who was once Johnny

  • Matt Smith

    The fuck? How did Ill Nonsense win over Crown The Empire? Garbage rigged poll.

  • Jacob Dawe

    crown the empire for life

  • Kevin McElroy

    Crown the Empire…nuff said.

  • 669LOST .

    Crown The Empire!!!!

  • bare bones

    crown the empire

  • Alina

    ill nino

  • sasyemy

    Crown the empire