New Music out Today, Vote for the Record of the Week

This week sees new shit from Phil Anselmo, Jason Newsted, Black Veil Brides, Hollywood Undead, and more hitting stores. Check out the list of releases below and let us know which ones you’re snagging a copy of and which record should be the Album of the Week. Pick your favorite and feel free to vote as many times as you want. Voting ends on Monday, January 14, at noon, when the results will be announced.

UPDATE: The poll is closed. Thanks for your vote. To view the results, click here.


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  • BvB fan <3

    BvB is winning bitches!! =D

  • BVB Army


    • Kind of Music

      Your BVB – sad shit, Hollywood Undead- Kinds of Music!

      • BvB devastator

        pfffffffff. HU is fucking shit rap.

        • HU BVB

          i listen to both an will vote for both of them calm your tits

          • Fallen Angel

            we all need to calm our tits. Its just music. We all have different tastes but i really dont think we should get the amount of shit that we do for liking BVB though

          • Natasha

            I so agreed it’s fuckin ridiculous it’s like me sayin Hollywood Undead- sad shit BVB- Kinds of Music

          • Fallen Angel

            Nice to know there ate actually people out there with similar veiws tome

          • Natasha

            I’m going to love BVB for the simple fact their music saved me and it’s AWESOME hating it does nothing, just because someone isn’t a fan doesn’t mean they have the right to fuckin trash it and some of Hollywood Undead’s new music isn’t good but not all bands are for everyone to like.

        • TheDouglas

          If you’re going to try to talk shit, at least know what you’re talking about dumb ass.

        • JD

          BVB are Emo faggots.

          • tylergill

            fuck u twat bvb are our savours

          • Natasha

            Fuck you you worthless cunt

      • We’ll Brave This Storm

        Both fan bases are obviously very dedicated.

      • Nickael Kiki Rakotoarisoa

        They’re still better than you son of a bitch kill yourself

        • Fallen Angel

          That’s just fucking uncalled for

        • MoMo

          Take a breath, please, and consider what you’ve said. Music makes the world go round, but that’s all music, not just yours, so don’t get so enraged over it.

      • Natasha

        @7aa018ed7557cdee38266b791397012e:disqus stop fuckin hatin

  • fightwiththeunknown

    guys we can do it, we are the BVB army!

    • Pants Of Biersack

      And we are AWESOME.;D

      • Nobody’s Hero

        and we are winners =D

    • BVB ARMY <3

      We Are Winning

  • Merry Thompson

    BVB! Hell yeah!

  • Mark

    5,4,3,2,1 this is BVB day! 😀

  • Stefanie Marie Schiffbauer


  • |Dark Witch|


  • Nastya Hristoforova

    Black Veil Brides ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Vitaliy Dibrivskiy

    BVB? It’s football club, no gaycore

  • mirthegrint

    BVB ARMY <'3

  • Vladislav Fawkes

    Hollywood Undead – let’s go!!! BvB – Fuck off

    • Pants Of Biersack

      Fuck you, motherfucker! Black Veil Brides forever, but I have nothing against Hollywood Undead.

  • Dima

    Hollywood Undead!!!!

  • Pants Of Biersack

    BVB Army forever.^^
    Фан-армия всегда с парнями.;D

  • Cleiciane Fontenele

    Wretched and Divine, obvious <3

  • JohnnyLoptr

    Go, Undead Army!

  • Vitaliy Dibrivskiy

    BVB – faggots. HU4L

    • Natasha

      And yet BVB is winning stfu

  • Undead

    Hollywood Undead !!!!!!!!!! The BEST !!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxim Lisovski

    Hollywood Undead the best! C’mon Undead Army!

  • Pants Of Biersack

    Come on Black veil Brides Army!

  • Traisiji


    • BvB devastator

      wtf?! undead army? looooooooooooooooool

      • Daniel Nordheim

        You’re laughing at the “Undead Army” however your faggot ass fanbase calls yourselves the “BVB Army” at least the Undead Army aren’t a bunch of pre-tween whinny cunts.

        • Kid c;

          Well when we win, we’ll we’ll see who becomes the “pre-tween whinny cunts” after we win ;D We’re still 20% ahead xD

          • Daniel Nordheim

            You’re missing the point, completely.

        • Wretched_And_Divine

          Seriously this is fucking uncalled for. The BVB Army is huge, and I myself am a fully supportive member. Calling us “pre-tween whinny cunts” is not necessary. People hating on people for liking different music/bands is just retarded. Leave the BVB Army alone.

    • Guest

      Hey, it’s the BVB army. don’t copy -_- BVB 4EVER

  • J-Dog

    Hollywood Undead !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Best Of The Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirill

    The album of the week in our hands and it will be Notes From The Ground !!!!!!!!
    UNDEAD ARMY, let’s go!!!!!!

    • Kirill

      Sorry guys!!! The best album of the week will be the Notes From The Underground !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      UNDEAD ARMY, let’s go !!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Ustinova


  • fckbvb

    Sorry, bvb, HU win this Vote :)

  • Jonny 3 Tears

    Hollywood Undead!!!

  • Den Den

    Lead in the 70% of votes is liquidated

    Greetings from the Russian Undead Army!
    Sorry for the bad english. 😉

  • Maxim Lisovski

    BVB was fucked. Hollywood Undead Army wins!
    Да, сука, да! Я единственный, кто написал по-русски!
    BVB всосали! HU лучшие!

    • BvB devastator

      А еще ты чмошная репчина. Да как это дерьмо слушать можно, тупой речетатив в каждой песне, скатились в полное говно с уходом Deuce

    • Devil’s Choir

      мы и так побеждаем, и всегда побеждали!!! BVB Army forever together!!!.

    • Devil’s Choir

      и не надо копировать нас с вашей “Армией” xo-xo =D

  • Igors Medvedvs

    HOLLLYWOOD UNDEAADD!!!!!!!FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vika Zheltuhina

    Hollywood Undead лучшие!!)

  • Kind of Music

    BVB suck dick! Hollywood Undead the best group!

  • BvB devastator

    Hollywood Undead is fucking shit rap. This band suck. Rly. Just shit. First album is much better than other two. BVB forever.

    • HU Soldier

      personally i think Swan Songs is the best but the other two are good as well. HU4L

  • Lemonalex

    Hollywood Undead – THE BEST! Hell yeah, little fuckers!!
    А русские фаны – самые преданные фаны, я так погляжу :)

  • Fallen Angel.

    BVB ARMY GO HARD !! ♥ We are unbroken ! ♥

  • We Are Unbroken BVB

    In The End BVB Army Forever

  • devin

    black veil brides is the only one i really like on there, and maybe warbeast and jason newsted…the rest is kinda ehhhh….

  • Army Member

    Why the fuck do you all have to be so fucking rude to each other?? Vote and shut the fuck up!

  • Budgetmammal2


  • Fallen Angel

    BVB is winning mother fuckers. Go BVB Army!

  • ☜ᙙ⋁ᙝ ☞



    bvb army we can make this true!

  • katina

    BvB army wins again!

  • Budgetmammal2


  • BVB army chick

    Go BVB <3

  • EveyBeatriz

    BVB ARMY !!!! <3

  • Kona1212

    BVB Is The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asra

    BVB totally deserves this! the album is some of the best I’ve head!! BVB army 4 life :)

  • yaninita paredes

    BVB ARMYYY forever 😉

  • Fallen Angel

    Funny how there are a lot of haters out there who say BVB are shit.
    guess what we’re winning bitches! Go BVB Army!

  • °•~I Am Batman~•°

    BVB is winning!

  • theprophet

    BVB army assemble !!

  • Mairwen Hershberger

    yeah go BVB!!!

  • Esmeralda Biersack

    BVB ARMY..!!

  • BVB ARMY <3 YEAH..!!


  • Ashley Lomeli

    Go BVB!!

  • BraVndiB


  • Santiago Nuñez Olivo

    Black Veil Brides – retched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones

    Black Veil Brides – Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones

    Black Veil Brides – Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones

  • Megan Stanton

    BVB gonna win! 😀

  • Blacko

    yup we are the BVB army <3

  • Neon Paranoia

    BVB!!! One of the best albums I’ve heard

  • Даниил Фофанов

    Fuck BVB, Hollywood will never gooooooooo dooooooooown!!!

    • Da_Kurlzz

      O, yes!

  • HU

    HU the best. BVB faggot!

  • Da_Kurlzz

    BvB Fuck off, bitches! HU rulezzzzzzzzzz

  • °•~I Am Batman~•°

    BVB is STILL winning!

  • Nobody’s Hero

    BVB Army we are young and we are strong!!! We can do it YEAH!!!

  • Ashley Purdy <3

    BVB Is winning 😀 Bet the haters are getting so angry just now xD

  • Nobody’s Hero.

    Can we all stop bitching about other bands? I think every band on this poll deserves to win. But BVB is my favorite band so i’ll be voting for them, and warbeast.

  • Hoolywood

    Hollywood Undead go!!!!

  • David

    David tells Hollywood!

  • A L Ev Camy

    BVB u rock the best band ever u rull

  • Iron

    Come On, Undead Army!

  • Pants Of Biersack

    Fuck this shit! Black Veil Brides #1…yes!yes!yes!

  • KJ

    BVB – говно, голосуйте за Hollywood Undead!!

  • Anastasia Voronova

    Парни, не сдавайтесь!!! Да за кого вы нас держите! За Hollywood Undead!!!!!!!

  • Da_Kurlzz


  • Amber Nichols

    Loving BVB and HU so hard but I would have to say thay HU’s album was better . But BVB’s album was amazing too.

  • HURevolution

    cmon undead soldiers we can make it out!

  • HURevolution

    cmon undead soldiers we can make it

  • Alex.

    I am for the BVB Army^^
    They are the best!!!:****

  • david

    Hollywood the best!Голосуем только за него!

  • Lucy

    BVB have the best fan’s on the world <3 BVB army 4ever and longer

  • HURevolution

    cmon undead army we can do it!!

  • BvB devastator

    HU fans stop using the word ARMY, considering it as a blunt copying us. Real army – we are. HU never called their fans – army. So suck assholes! BVB GO! BVB Army is the best

    • BvB devastator

      Для русских немощей, не знающих английского языка: Хорош хуйню плести, что вы HU Army, тупо копирнули и орут. Че, придумать своё тяжко? Ну правильно, все вы реперы прокуренные и очень глупые, скатывайте с нас))) BVB Army awesome!!!

      • Carolyn

        ооо дааа поставила их на свои места, но не надо спорить на счет групп и обзывать друг друга… да и еще, я ни фига не пойму, когда голосование закончится?
        Voting ends on Monday, December 10, at noon, when the results will be announced. Как это понять блин…

    • thatguy

      You’re retarded. HU was using the term “Undead Army” since their first album, just look at the song “Dead in ditches” or “Pimpin”. Now go and hide in your corner.

  • Aśkaa

    Hollywood Undead <3

  • Theundeadlion

    It’s like i love HU(vote for them) but i am glad that BVB is winning they are a cool band and people it’s like they love one and hate the other Calm down people just support your band and if it wins you show your love for them and if it doesn’t wins then you do show it anyway(HU for life i have to say i love them)

  • Carolyn

    Voting ends on Monday, December 10, at noon, when the results will be announced. Wait, what? What does it mean?

  • Nobodys

    HU should win. UNDEAD ARMY GO

  • Black undead lives

    I love HU and BVB,Hu are just more in touch with me <3

  • Stephany Biersack

    BVB MOTHERFUCKERS!! COME ON BVB ARMY WE GOT THIS!!! <3 Never give in Never back down <3

  • HU Soldier

    Check the No.1 album on iTunes it’s Notes from the Underground

  • DF


  • Name

    BVB go

  • CamiieBvb

    Fuck yeah BVB is winning ^-^


    Guys! Instead of fighting over the comments show your love and devotion by voting and supporting your favorite band! I respect all bands and may the best win :)

  • J-Dog

    BVB is garbage.

    HU > BVB

  • LEXI

    Alright… bvb…ew. No.

  • RavenToRemember

    Ha, It Was A Little Difficult Deciding Between BVB & HU.
    But, Its Good To See Them Both Leading! :)

    So, I Decided To Pick WCAR Re-Issue.*

    Their Album Captured My Heart Upon Its First Release.

  • fightwiththeunknown

    hey I don’t want to sound rude but whats so great about Hollywood Undead? I listened to a few songs but I don’t know

  • Mr.Biersack

    BVB Army ! Bitch Please xD

  • tylergill

    bvb army for life

  • Niki

    BVB deserves it :)

  • HU ARMY <3

    Uhm, last time I checked, Hollywood Undead has been around about 4 or 5 years before BVB. So, saying the “HU army/Undead army” OUR army has been around longer. Too many tween kids that wanna be scene/emo in this fucking generation. You people make me want to delete the damn internet.

  • anahi sixx monster

    me en canta..

  • Rëyclôse Brian

    fuck bvb they sucks as fuck