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Notes from the Underground: Devil

Notes from the Underground: Devil

Devil--Norway's self-proclaimed "World's Youngest Old Band"--perfectly capture the dirty, sleazy, hairy doom of early Pentagram on their debut demo,  Magister Mundi Xum.

Which is to say that the Norwegian five-piece—drummer Ronny Østli, guitarists Stian Fossum and Kai Wanderås, bassist Thomas Ljosåk and singer Joakim Trangsrud—pretty much sound like the Seventies incarnate.

As the demo’s intro, “The Arrival,” fades into the powerful “At the Blacksmith’s,” you just can’t help but bang your head and raise a fist with every chorus. This call-to-arms anthem is the perfect introduction to the rocking, doom-laden cuts that follow.

“Spirit of the Cult,” “Time to Repent” and “I Made a Pact” sound as if members of Angel Witch, Witchfinder General and Coven formed the ultimate doom-rock super-group, while the closing number, “Welcome the Devil,” recalls Pentagram in their prime.

Devil’s laid-back style comes naturally to them, which means they just don’t play old school—they are old-school. And if Magister Mundi Xum is any indication, Devil are primed to create some excellent heretical doom in the future.

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