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Notes from the Underground: Pilgrim

When it comes to true doom metal, none come truer than Pilgrim.

One listen of Forsaken Man, the latest demo from the up-and-coming Rhode Island doom metal power trio, and it's plainly clear: these dudes are out to crush some skulls.

Guitarist and singer Jon Rossi (who also handled bass duties on this recording) riffs and sings with sheer power, while drummer Krolg hammers away without mercy.

“Quest,” the demo’s B-side, keeps the intensity level high with an epic feel and displays not only Rossi’s songwriting abilities but also his prowess as a soulful lead guitarist, and studious Tony Iommi disciple.

Speaking of Black Sabbath (as well as old masters like Count Raven, Candlemass, Electric Wizard, Lord Vicar and Saint Vitus), there aren’t many newer bands out there that are keeping this ancient music alive and well. Fortunately, Pilgrim have landed.

They've made all of their demos—Forsaken Man included—available for free at this location. Download, listen and worship. Hail Pilgrim.

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