One-Eyed Doll To Tour With Mushroomhead

One-Eyed Doll have announced that they will be supporting Mushroomhead on their Slaughterhouse Roadshow tour, beginning later this month. Frontwoman, and former Revolver Hottest Chick in Hard Rock, Kimberly Freeman, had this to say about the tour:

“I’ve heard really great things about Mushroomhead, as performers and as people and already have a ton of respect for them. I’m really excited to have this opportunity to experience their magic and blend some of my own in to the bill. Our fans are going to love each other, because they’re obviously total freaks on both sides! This is going to be the best tour ever!”

The duo will also be releasing a new full-length record early next year, produced by Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash).

Slaughterhouse Roadshow tour, featuring Mushroomhead and One-Eyed Doll, dates:

11/26 Geneva On The Lake, OH, The Cove
11/28 Richmond, VA, The National
11/29 Springfield, VA, Jaxx
11/30 Spartanburg, SC, Ground Zero
12/01 Jacksonville, FL, Brewster’s
12/02 Tampa, FL, State Theater
12/03 Tallahassee, FL, Floyd’s
12/04 Jackson, MS, Club Fire
12/05 Baton Rouge, LA, Click’s
12/06 Austin, TX, Emo’s East
12/07 El Paso, TX, Tricky Falls
12/08 Tempe, AZ, 910 Live
12/09 Albuquerque, NM, Launchpad
12/10 Denver, CO, Summit Music Hall
12/11 Colorado Springs, CO, Black Sheep
12/13 Des Moines, IA, People’s Court
12/14 Milwaukee, WI, Rave Ballroom
12/15 Grand Rapids, MI, Intersection
12/16 Flint, MI, Machine Shop



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    What an amazing show lined up.. Don’t sleep on One-Eyed Doll they are going to steal the show, stab it in the heart, and then drag you all way like little drones to Kimberly’s voice… MushroomHead and One-Eyed Doll, wow I just wish I could make one of these shows… So much talent, mayhem, and everything you ever wanted in a rock show!!! 

  • Winterrose212009

    One eyed doll was tge greastest show I have even seen her way w the crowd is amazing her interaction w her fans was even better….Kim is the most creative female proformer of my generation!

  • Ashman

    totally upset that this tour isn’t coming near me.  not so much for mushroomhead as i’ve seen then about 8 times over the course of my concert going life, but for one-eyed doll.  caught them with otep at the palladium, and though they had a short set due to a late start and equipment problems, they blew me away, and i’ve been hoping to catch them again ever since.  Kimberly is one best frontwoman in the business, a great mix of energy and crazy who is also very involved with her fans.  nice to see them getting tagged onto so many great tours

  • sheogorath1

    HEYYYY! :) It’s me from Kimberly’s Fans! I bet I’ll be coming to Fliiint <3 Thanks for the Bee Day card Kimberly and Junior! Can't wait to taste the Heads of Mushroomness :)

  • Ace1616


  • Yousssefelsayad

    hey OED my name is Youssef ElSayad remember me? im an old fan from facebook i watched nearly all your youtube vids 😀 hope u read this

  • apecial b

    I am rather angry that the show in PA got cancelled but I still love one eyed doll and their amazing hospitality

  • Matthew Jones

    One-Eyed Doll is a truly phenomenal band. You will be hard pressed to find a group as crazy, amazingly talented, and with a better stage presence than them. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of their touring cities, or within traveling distance, GO TO THEIR SHOW! You will not regret it! I’m anxiously awaiting their return to Baltimore. 

  • Rob Wilkison

    I fell in love with them from the first wail of Committed from their tour with Otep. I loved them even more when Kimberly left me holding her guitar after the set.

  • Big Mike Doll

    Right when I thought I had missed my chance to see One Eyed Doll live again this year, I see this tour!! Bigger bands would be wise to bring along OED for support- I have become fans of so many bands I would have NEVER experienced due to One Eyed Doll being on the bill. I’ve never even heard of Mushroomhead until now, but I’m already attending Richmond and Spartanburg to support OED and like what I’m hearing from Mushroomhead so far..looking forward to rocking out with the most EXCITING band on the planet- ONE EYED “FREAKIN” DOLL!!!

  • ChasonHymen

    What the hell do you mean FORMER? Kimberly Freeman is the hottest and hardest rocking ‘chick’ in ALL of rock yesterday, now, and FOREVER!! I can’t wait to savor her greatness again!!
    CAN NOT M-F-ing WAIT!! See you in Jax, K and J.

  • Paulo Gonzalez

    Kimberly and Junior work tirelessly for their fans, I’ve never met a band that has given back so much of themselves to the fans as does OED.  Just check out their website and FB page and see all the love that the fans give to the band; it is because not only does OED create art in every song and on every album, they rock the hell out of every venue – stealing the show every time, but also because they maintain such an intimate relationship with the fans. I mean everything from personally signing each album, along with Kimberly’s signature love nibble on the album covers, posters and on post cards.  Kimberly creates songs that are: hauntingly profound, other times quirky, sometimes silly, many times cutely evil – all her songs contain a bit of her soul and with Junior’s creative and solid drum foundation make for a truly sublime music experience.  Simply put, not only are they a great show, which is a mixture of manga, Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Wizard of Oz, but also they are a hugely talented band with great substance that is giving to the world music that the Gods of Rock are surely proud of.


  • Nickstonem

    C A N ‘ T
    W A I T
    . . .

    One-Eyed Doll Boys’ Club,
    “Boy” A.K.A. Nick Stone

  • Sirjulioj

    Can’t wai for this one eyed doll is the best they are definately beutiful freaks (haha cnt spel)

  • Deadbolt666

    One Eyed Doll rules!

  • Yve

    Alas, another tour that does not touch my area of the country, yet I’m still so excited for them. They’re one of the greatest bands in action, the kind you really have to experience to believe (my first reaction being “what is this I don’t know if-” then immediately switching to “Oh my god!”, complete with little cartoony hearts in my eyes.) Anyway, I’m sad that I won’t get the chance to see them this time around, because they have such great shows and such a connection with their fans. I love One-Eyed Doll so much, I can’t wait until they come to New York!

  • Rokz1958

    This is going to be an amazing tour. Both One Eyed Doll and Mushroomhead are must see live performances. They both have great music which delivers on every aspect true musical expression should with lyrical messages and heavy riffs which summon even the meakest headbanger to the front of the stage. One Eyed Doll is a must see live performance for anyone who claims to be a fan of Metal. The perfect combination of thundering guitar riffs, amazing drums, and one of, if not the best voice, I have every heard. One of the most amazing shows in music today. Kimberly’s stage presence and mastery of the crowd can only be described as hauntingly magical. I will definately be at the show in Austin Dec 6.

  • Bitter_venus

    The knives on the bus go stab, stab, stab!  I missed One-Eyed Doll last month when they played with Wayne Static.  Definitely gonna go this time!  Arizona is ready for the face melting to begin!

  • Steven

    One Eyed Doll is seriously going to be huge once their name is out there. Kimberly is completely insane in the coolest way possible, they put on one hell of a live show and love their fans as much as their fans love them. I never take off my Guitar Pick necklace by Kimberly that she gave to me at the NAMM show 2011!

    “I am Satan, I am God; third eye open to their fraud.” -Meth Monster, One Eyed Doll

    • LeslieWebb

      yes yes yes! I like that song meth monster the best song I love to play and steven you are a rock star I want you to keep on rocking and play you guitar and have fun rocking out.” this is my playing my six string bass guitar this is me leslie webb the rockstar and I also like to play double o seven on my six string bassguitar,electricguitar,Acousticelectricguitar and my keyboard we all got a gift of music and the strinth that god gave us.” happy Halloween I hope I get to see you.

  • DoctorDetectiveMatthewReagan

    One-Eyed Doll deserves all of this awesomeness that’s coming their way. I first saw Kimberly perform at the tail-end of ’08 and it’s been a complete treat being a fan since then. I hope this tour is a super good one for ’em and fingers crossed I’ll be able to catch the Austin show.

  • Thotfulspot

    No Chicago Love

  • Thotfulspot

    Would love to see One Eyed Doll in Chicago.

  • Keaton Alexander

    So excited! I missed them when they came to San Antonio. I don’t mind driving up to Austin for the night to see them! One-Eyed Doll really opened my ears to a new type of music and I can’t ever thank them enough!!

  • TheOnlyRealPerson

    I want to see One Eyed Doll – no Minneapolis love?

  • Ox

    I’m a old school mushroomhead fan and a new OED fan, anyone who catches this show will remember it for ever. (Moo)

  • Thehonzza

    Cannot leave this without a comment. One-Eyed Doll fan from Czech…I feel lonely out here..
    Maybe you could stop for a while here sometimes…I’ll be waving.. 😀

  • Sock Puppet

    First Experienced One Eyed Doll When they Toured with OTEP at Mojos in Joliet!
    I caught the Dolls head Kimberly threw out as she left stage! Instant Fan!
    Bought Two Albums She picked for me,Break and Sleep, and was even more shocked when I Loved each song I heard on the way Home!   Sooooo been waiting for them to come back to the Midwest!  Was chewin my nails to the bone deciding if I could do the 8 hour trip to see em’ in Austin… But Three Hours to Iowa?
    We Are There!

  • Tymek TheHedgehog

    Hiya Kimberly!
    You know me!
    Its me tymek!
    My favorite song lyric’s are ‘Because you are a vampire’!
    And i dont know the actual meaning of dream set….
    But i also would like you to play in Netherlands! In the city Purmerend!
    I may will be even able to meet you and get on Backstage if you allow me!

    I wish you luck with your tour!
    With lots of love,grattidude,friendship and smooches!

    Your 10 year old fan.

  • Kassie Green

    No question goin to see my TX favs One-Eyed Doll open for an AWESOME LIVE BAND like Mushroomhead!!!

  • unicron73

    brilliant,love one-eyed doll,wish i lived in the states at least i could see them live.

  • zerostarice

    I love one-eyed doll! SO glad they are coming to Allentown, I saw them while they were touring with Otep and instantly fell in love. Kimberly is the coolest person I ever met!

  • dtl1of1

    Two fantastic bands NOT coming to NY?!  PLEASE!!!  I wanna hug Kimberlee again!

  • Flirtyteddy

    so wish you should come to Dorset, in the united kindom!!!! WERE WAITING FOR YOU!!! my favourite song is PAO! i wish i could meet kimberly one day because shes mega cute and so inspirational!!!!

  • Flirtyteddy

    so wish you should come to Dorset, in the united kindom!!!! WERE WAITING FOR YOU!!! my favourite song is PAO! i wish i could meet kimberly one day because shes mega cute and so inspirational!!!!

  • Jason Doll

    This double-bill is gonna ROCK! Really wish it was coming to California. Melt their faces,Kimberly!!!

  • Michaela O’Dowd

    I had never heard of One-Eyed Doll until they toured with Otep. When I heard their album “Monster,” I fell in love! I also met Kimberly after the show, and she was so sweet! I’d love for them to come to Poughkeepsie, NY or New York City so I could meet them again! My favorite songs are Monster, Bulimia, Roses, and Be My Friend. The lyrics really speak to me as a woman, and a constantly misunderstood psychopath! Looking forward to seeing you when you next come to New York. :)

    • LeslieWebb

      You to Are rock stars and we roll tonight until the guitar bite and for those about to rock we salute you thank god we get to rock the house.” thank you jesus!

  • Gostars9

    kimberly and junior,  tear it up on the tour, show em how texas rocks.
       nice to see you guys getting more exposure,   your hard work is paying off !!
     rock on ! 

  • Mp94610

    Saw One Eyed Doll this past summer at a music festival in Weed, CA….was totally blown away.  This chick has personality for miles  and can play the living crap out of a guitar.  Super glad they are getting touring props with Mushroom Head…..shout out 4u2  play Oakland/San Francisco!! Fav song :UFO:
    Saw the Gruesome Twosome tour with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie last year as well. The Murder Dolls openend for them……One Eyed Doll would be a perfect fit for that show….Somebody recognize and hook them up!!!!!

  • Vmpyvxn

    I saw One Eyed Doll this summer at the Wheelhouse in Cedar Falls, IA when they were on tour with Otep and Destrophy. Had a blast, and I plan on going to see them on this tour at People’s Court in Des Moines, IA. Maybe I’ll have another set of hair bows made for you for this show Kimmy.


    Been a long-time OED fan from texas… Now im back up north, and am too excited to them again!!!
    Kim, and Jr – you guys are the best people, and the best band. PERIOD. Show the midwest what austin’s best can do!!!

    • LeslieWebb

      keep on rocking!

  • jesmaddness

    i loove u guyz! i have only had the pleasure of seeing one-eyed doll once but it changed my perspective on music for LIFE <3 Kimberly, i sincerely loove the song bumble bee, please, PLEASE play at the Colliseum in Bloomington, IL.

    • Sock Puppet

      Or the Castle In Bloomington IL!

  • Danboy916

    Just saw them at Summit Music Hall in Denver…they are the Shiz!!! Awesome line up for tour..they should all be playing a summer fest!!

  • Liberationsurrealistdude

    One Eyed Doll    Best.  Band. Ever.
    Saw the show in Des Moines Iowa.  Peoples on Court Ave is a great venue.  Excellent PA, sight lines & staff.   One Eyed Doll RULED !  Sweaty Sox on bass was jumping 12 feet in the air!  Jr. was pounding a clear drum kit.  Kimberly was incredible & in great voice.  After the set Kimberly took 5 folks down to the “green room” and sang “New Orleans” to us.  Awesome.
    Mushroomhead is about the only band that could follow One Eyed Doll.  They were pretty good.  Local Des Moines band September is bringing a new heaviness to rock.

    • Liberationsurrealistdude

      Mr. Swimmy Socks the goldfish on bass.

  • Maddie

    Just saw all them last Sunday at Black Sheep. Mushroom head is the shit!

  • Belting88

    Got to see this show about a week ago in Des Moines. First time seeing Mushroomhead and second time seeing One Eyed Doll. Got to see the latter last summer in Cedar Falls. Mushroomhead was as awesome as I had been told, and One Eyed Doll was even better than I remembered.
    Got to be one of the 5 to enjoy “New Orleans” by One Eyed Doll in the green room, which was pretty special. Not sure how many bands would randomly treat a handful of fans like that for a request. Easily one of the coolest and nicest groups out there.

  • Sock Puppet

    I knew the trip from central IL to Des Moines  was gonna be worth it!  Got to meet Kimberly, Jr. and mr swimmy socks when we walked in the door! Got our shirts and my acoustic guitar signed,  were right in front 2 feet from them jamming, got elbowed by Kimber as she jumped out to the floor and tore up her Ax  in the crowd! Then after the set and the crowd buying their cool gear dissipated, they dragged us down to the dark basement… and  Kimberly sang “New Orleans” acapella for us! We Are GOING  to See them again next Year! no matter what! They make us fans feel great!

  • Jangoclone1

    Mushroomhead is epic as ever but I was blown away by One-Eyed Doll

  • LeslieWebb

    one eyed doll rocks the house.