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Master Tattoo Artist Paul Booth Picks the Five Grossest Gross-Out Scenes (Warning: NSFW)

Master Tattoo Artist Paul Booth Picks the Five Grossest Gross-Out Scenes (Warning: NSFW)

Our favorite holiday? Easy: Halloween. We’re eagerly counting down the days to All Hallows Eve, and we’re doing it by enlisting some of our favorite rockers to remind of us of some of the best horror flicks. So check back right here at every day until the big, bad scariest one of them all. Right now, Paul Booth, responsible for some of the most metal tattoos around, picks the five grossest gross-out scenes.

"A psychotic woman who has been stalking a pregnant woman finally gets what she came for. This ending scene literally breathes new life into the oh-so-mundane world of the cesarean section. Mmmmm...tasty."

Haute Tension (High Tension)
"Uncut!!! One of my favorite slashers wreaks slow methodical havoc on a family living in an isolated European farmhouse. As Mother scrambles for the phone, our hero rather matter-of-factly cuts her throat and cuts off her dialing hand, as seen from the eyes of a hot chick hiding in the closet."

"The scene?? How about the entire film! Oh, if only I took up as a mortician instead."

Cutting Moments
"A neglected housewife has a psychotic break in the bathroom after getting dolled up to gain the attention of her husband, who, of course, shuns her once again. After violently scrubbing the lipstick off with a Brillo pad and having no success...she resorts to scissors. This first story in the trilogy is over-the-top disturbing and brutal. Who wouldn't love to watch a girl cut her own lips off? I get hot just thinking about it."

Hellbound: Hellraiser II
"I know Hellraiser is an obvious choice, but Christ, you get to watch a dude who thinks he's being eaten alive by maggots carve himself to bits for his own salvation, and it is just awesome!"

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