Phil Anselmo Picks the Five Best Horror Cult Classics You’ve Never Heard Of

The metal lifer–and Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder–Philip Anselmo picks the five best horror cult classics you’ve never heard of…but should immediately go out and watch!

5. Cannibal Man (1973)
“A very oddball story, kinda far removed from your average Cannibal flick, but just as riveting. A young man who works at a soup factory spirals out of control after committing an ‘accidental’ murder, only to continue killing anyone and everyone who attempts to either help or hinder his freedom. Mix in a homosexual voyeur and his dog and you’ve got yourself one fucking bizarre story on tap. Definitely for the weirder crowd.”


4. Viy (1967)
“Beautifully shot Russian folktale/fairytale-type film that is visually and aesthetically incredible. When a reluctantly religious/unreligious monk-to-be is bewitched, he accidentally kills his bewitcher, only to find out that he has killed a prominent land-owner’s daughter in disguise. He is picked to watch over her body for three nights inside of a gloomy tomb. How will this play out? Excellently—for the viewer that is. Fucking killer flick here. I heard somewhere that crap actor Robert Englund is directing a new version of this. I will accept donations to stop the production now! Englund is nothing but a producer of horseshit and/or one-liner teeny bopper crap.”


3. The People Who Own The Dark (1976)
“When a group of prominent men all meet at a remote castle for a high-class fuck-a-thon with some hot-ass hookers a la Marquis De Sade-style, they are interrupted by a bomb that leaves outsiders blind and rebellious. Extremely awesome film, well acted and viciously effective. Add in a severe dose of mental illness and cabin fever and you’ve got yourself a violent, everybody-for-himself rough ride.”


2. The Sinful Dwarf (1973)
“Drugs, pimping, whoring, a Madam, and a midget! This flick makes a person feel like showering after viewing. Unrelenting weirdness, naked chicks strung out, and a leading lady with a hot ass in the raw create an unreal feeling of edginess in this freaked-out sleaze-off! A must!”


1. Messiah of Evil (1973)
“Strange landscapes, bizarre characters, and a very different spin on ‘The Blood Moon’ concept, this movie is an acquired taste, but still fucking lovable. Sorta like a realist artist’s splatter take on ‘The Living Dead’ theme, except, not really. I might get some apples thrown at me for loving this flick, but I could care less. Excellent movie.”


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  • dude

    Phil if you say Robert Englund is a bad actor it makes the rest of the article hard to take seriously. You might not like the films he has done , and there are some crap films (you’d be hard pushed to find a horror actor with a flawless resume unless say you hide in the early 70’s where people take low quality and think its high quality..) but even in those crap films Roberts acting is actually very good, he has a remarkable characterisation of roles he plays and cameo’s.
    Your list compares to a “top ten heaviest songs of all time” with nothing but the beatles and led zeppelin filling the ranks. Sure good in their own right but it doesnt fit and lots of people would fall asleep.

    • Hiphoprisy

      English is hard.

    • derp

      robert englund IS a shit actor. Saying that anything on his resume is deserving to be on a top five of any genre is like adding Justin Beiber to a heavy metal list. He’s main stream, brotha. Im just upset that Salo, Men Behind the Sun or August Underground Mordum aren’t on here. Those movies are all pretty brutal.

    • MegaTt420

      Robert Englund is most definitely a shit actor. He doesn’t act, he does schtick. His acting hasn’t been good in anything. You are making the guy out to be like Christopher Lee. His resume speaks for itself, he’s spent 25 years doing low budget movies with horrible scripts. Cameo appearances mean nothing, as he’s doing a bit part for a minute of screen time.

  • mainstream84

    I think Viy was remade in Russia and will be out next year, but I don’t think Robert Englund is attached?

    • Hiphoprisy

      Robert Englund had been slated to direct back in 2007, however, he is no longer a part of the remake. Music video director Oleg Stepchenko is the official director now.

  • Antonio Sagrado

    Russian movie in the 5! Very proud of it!)))

  • masterofdarkness

    paul naschy roolz!!!

  • Giovanni Deldio

    Though I never seen any of these it is clear Phil knows his horror! Cheers!!

  • Alfred Guy

    A great list. I have the last 2 DVDs mentioned, and now I know what Else I need for this Halloween! Thanks!

  • desiregirl

    you know phill old spanish horror movies, oh yeah

  • Tarrah Smith

    Well damn, Philip H.Anselmo!!! You do love crazy horror flicks…’Cannibal Man’ looks to be scary as- (H). I’m all about, ‘The People Who Own The Dark’…

    And who needs porn when you’ve got (The Sinful Dwarf) – That’s for sure a late night after dinner flick….

  • Arthur Krupp

    Just a little correction: Viy isn’t a Russian, but Ukrainian folktale based on the novel of Nikolai Gogol

  • JulianPope

    obscure indeed, however most of these aren’t really that well received lol