Photo of the Day: Lady Gaga Meets Iron Maiden

Last night, Lady Gaga checked in via her Twitter from backstage at the Iron Maiden concert in Tampa, Florida. She posted the picture below, which features the pop singer striking a pose with Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain with a caption that simply said “Sexy Beast. 666.” Lady Gaga is quickly racking up some metal credentials, recently appearing in photos with Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and this year’s Golden God award recipient, Alice Cooper. What do you think: Is Lady Gaga the real deal or just a wannabe metalhead? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Solaceinsorrow

    Say it ain’t so…

  • Collette Palmer

    Hmm…I don’t know whether to cry or scream!

  • Collette Palmer

    Hmm…I don’t know whether to cry or scream!

  • Jennifer

    She’s just a wannabe. -__-

  • coyotecojo

    she will never be that big, iron maiden has more than 30 years and still rocks, she will not last more than 10 years just like the spice girls, backstreetboys, nsync, spears, etc

  • CheddaFGreenbo

    They should have had her on-stage getting fucked by Eddie while playing “Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter”

  • Coralineperez6

    i guess iron maiden had a lot of spare time to be wasting it on her

  • Mr. Jackal

    she wants to infiltrate our culture and inject shitty music. kill her with fire

  • Killerhockey19

    She should go to a WASP or GWAR show then they sacrifice her on stage.

  • Milad Qasemi


  • JohnJohn

    Nicko looks relieved that he has discovered where the odor is coming from!

  • Pasquatto

    pop is everything that is wrong with the world. pop is the cancer of this society. some of you people seem to cave in to the pressure of eurotrash being played on the radio 24/7 and for that reason digging the story. forget the ‘she can play piano’ crap, it does not matter what she can or cannot play, what matters is that she is putting out a eurotrash song after another that even the worst eurotrash fades in comparison to, in a bad way. not to mention that this is 20 years old, just new to this market. all this bs she is trying to hind behind, don’t judge etc., well you are partly responsible for me being miserable every morning i get into my car and turn up the radio, so i will judge as it affects me. i went through the whole 80s hell (same story as today) where everyone was jumping the wagon and calling everyone who was not an idiot or similar, found solace in the very late 80s/early 90s for a while in a stream of good bands, just to see the same story developing again. guys and lads, thrash is thrash, good stuff is good stuff, no matter how skewed the image might be at this brief moment of time, please keep that in perspective. you would criticize every new coming band for their solos not being up to par to your ‘insert here’ metal or rock god, but you are all ready to embrace lady gaga for saying she liked iron maiden. all you kids would dissect any of your peers who would proclaim their love for iron maiden until they proved they knew every song they have ever written, but if lady gaga showed up at an iron maiden show, all is cool, no questions asked. i am sick of this politically correct crap, pop is ruining my life, i hate turning up my radio, i hate going out because of the music and the people around me digging it, i hate the fact that there is only one single sanctuary place in my town left for people who hate eurotrash and who can play some music they like on the JB and hang out with people who understand each other. and i am sure most of you feel the same way, but you are caving in – please don’t! the one thing we should never forget is who our enemy is – and it is pop. if you are in doubt, think of it, if you were really a rock persona as a kid, what did you hate the most? pop for sure, and there is a very good reason for that. 

  • Donia Direction

    she is dengrous !!