Photos: Iron Maiden and Megadeth Live in Las Vegas

Iron Maiden and Megadeth rolled through Sin City on September 12, and Revolver‘s own Stephanie Cabral was there to catch all the action. Check out the photos she captured for us below, and under the gallery, check out her review of Maiden’s performance. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Iron Maiden, undeniably one of the greatest heavy-metal bands of all time, crushed the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Thursday, September 12. The group is currently on The Maiden England World Tour–which is based on the 1989 concert video that was just re-released–so the set list was packed full of ’80s classics. Special guests Megadeth opening up the show.

Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain, and Janick Gers emerged onto the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son-decorated stage with an explosion of pyrotechnics as they went into “Moonchild” from the aforementioned 1998 classic. It’s unthinkable that these gents are in their 50s and 60s while watching them assault the stage with the same energy as they had during the original Seventh Son tour 25 years ago. Dickinson sprinted  back and forth across the stage, then raced to the edge of the stage–jumping stage monitors all the while–yet maintained his vocal power for “Can I Play with Madness” and “The Prisoner.” Unfortunately, while playing double duty as photographer and reviewer, and stashing my photo gear backstage, I missed Dickinson interrupting the fourth song in the set, “2 Minutes To Midnight,” to have a mosh-pit brute escorted out of the venue.

The night was full of backdrop changes, pyrotechnics, multiple Eddie figures (the bands’ monstrous mascot), and even random costume changes from ever-dramatic Dickinson, who also noticeably changed his hair style throughout. For “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son,” he sported a slicked-down Squiggy (Laverne & Shirley) meets the Misfits hairdo, then as the band went into “The Clairvoyant,” Dickinson emerged with a poofed-out mop, and at one point, his head was even adorned with an old leather flight helmet.

Bruce introduces the band and pointed out Adrian Smith’s signature Jackson, saying, “You can buy a guitar like his, but you won’t play like him.” Of course, no Maiden concert is complete without Bruce’s signature quote, ”Scream for me,” and in this instance, it was directed toward “Las Vegas.” He jokingly pointed to stage left and said, “This is what happens to your money in Vegas,” just as a giant fire bomb ignited.

During the song “Iron Maiden,” the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album cover came to life, featuring an enormous 30-foot-plus tall Eddie that shot flames from his head and held a moving baby in his left hand. But it’s the sword-wielding Eddie that emerged for “Run to the Hills” who is met with the ultimate roar of enthusiasm from the crowd. As Maiden wrapped up the spectacle with an encore of “Aces High,” “The Evil That Men Do,” and the set-ending “Running Free,” this reviewer was left thinking that it’s no wonder fans keep coming back for more after almost a four-decade career.

Full set list:
1.            Moonchild
2.            Can I Play with Madness
3.            The Prisoner
4.            2 Minutes to Midnight
5.            Afraid to Shoot Strangers
6.            The Trooper
7.            The Number of the Beast
8.            Phantom of the Opera
9.            Run to the Hills
10.          Wasted Years
11.          Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
12.          The Clairvoyant
13.          Fear of the Dark
14.          Iron Maiden
15.          Aces High
16.          The Evil That Men Do
17.          Running Free


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  • Stickman

    Saw the shoe in Kansas City, Awesome

  • Stickman

    I mean show 😛

  • SomethingWild!

    Odd, no Nicko pix?

    • Stephanie Cabral

      The stage was so high you couldn’t see Nicko from behind his massive kit.

      • SomethingWild!

        That would explain it, didn’t think of that. =) Stage setup is normally over the top for them.

  • Tom Thompson

    It wasn’t a “mosh pit brute” Who gets thrown out for being one of those? Isn’t that what a mosh pit is all about in the first place? For the most part people don’t even mosh at an Iron Maiden concert because Maiden fans don’t like moshers. The person was ejected for trying to push and fight his way to the barrier. Simple as that. I was on the barrier in front of Janick about 4 people to the left of where it happened and witnessed the whole thing…

  • Raven

    Saw the show in Las Vegas, NV!!!
    Best show I have ever seen!!!