Photos: Hard-Rock and Metal Musician Mug Shots

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 12.44.39 PMUnless you’ve been living in a cave (and if you have–badass!), you’ve seen the “sexy” mug shot that has apparently gone viral enough to make news headlines. All we could think on seeing said headlines is 1) our world is fucked, and 2) this dude is set. Hello, modeling deal!

Of course, the newly famous Jeremy Meeks is hardly the only celeb to find himself on the wrong side of the law–and of police department cameras. Many hard-rock and metal musicians–from Marilyn Manson and Axl Rose to Scott Weiland and Ozzy Osbourne–have fought the law and seen the law win.


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    marilyn manson is a weird looking fucked up dude!

    • Amber Wanita Gartin

      Fuckin creepy!


    and two mismatched eyes?

  • james

    Manson is not weird, or creepy just different from what you have seen