Photos: Kirk Hammett’s Fear FestEvil

Metallica guitarist and lifelong horror fan Kirk Hammett put on Fear FestEvil, a three-day horror convention in San Francisco on February 6-8, where Carcass, Exodus and Death Angel played. Revolver‘s own Stephanie Cabral was there to catch all the action. Check out the photos she captured for us below–you can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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  • Terry

    These people (Slash, Kerry King) really make you sick. They are too predictable, but hey, keep that money machine a’rollin’ Slash–you haven’t struck a decent note since your brief stint with G n’ R. Period. Just go away and crawl back underneath that rock, you scum sucker.

    • Gary Fish

      You wouldnt know talent if a smashed it into your face with a sledge hammer. GnR sucks but Slash knows his guitar .Kerry IS KING you little bitch boy.Go back to your scream o gay ass pussy wann a be metal.

      • Terry

        Kirk Hammet? James Hetfield? Old, old men with creaks in their backs. But keep trying to go backwards and reclaim your pathetic heyday you old, old men.

        • moetallica81

          I don’t know why they let Bieber fans on here!!!

    • Gary Fish

      And it makes ‘you’ sick. Now it makes me sick to know you listen to metal and i would rather toss you into the ghetto with the wrong gang colors and happily lose a metal head,than having to know i listen to the same music as you .
      Its one thing to be able to play something they made rather than the man who wrote it.

  • bil

    i am juste a little french and i like exodus and slayer rip jeff