Photos: Marilyn Manson and the Butcher Babies Live in Los Angeles

Marilyn Manson recently returned to L.A.’s Club Nokia, where last year he closed out the Revolver Golden Gods with a showstopping set including guest appearances by Taylor Momsen and Johnny Depp. This time he brought with him shock-rock upstarts the Butcher Babies. Our own Stephanie Cabral was there to catch the action. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Lucinda Osborne

    I won tickets to go see Manson & this was the first time I have ever saw him. He was great & I can not wait to go see him again.

  • JC

    it must be amazing can be there!

  • Brian

    Ya know, people can diss Manson all they want for gaining weight and getting older, but personally, I love the “aged” Marilyn Manson. I love that he’s not exactly the same weight he was 20 years ago. So what if he put on weight? With the amount of speed that man intakes, it should be positive news that he’s not losing weight. It means he’s eating well (I was going to say, “eating healthy” but, I can’t say that for sure) and he’s not one step away from the grave. Yes, it also means he’s guzzling Absinthe all the time, but so what? I’m sick of hearing, “Manson’s gotten fat and old..hahaha!” No. He’s aged in a very American way. How ironic and poetic. Get fat, Manson. Jim Morrisson did it. He said, “What is wrong with being a large mammal?” when people started doing the same thing to him. Rock on, Mr. Manson.

    • Jeremiah Cecil

      At least he’s not half naked and/or stripping during his shows now, so that’s a plus.

  • lilgrl666

    The Butcher Babies were the best thing thats come around for me. Somthing really clicked, for me when i went to see manson. they have everything and they have fun up there and you can tell they love this. Im more and more into metel when it doesnt suck and the Butcher Babies dont suck!

    • starmartyr

      Good on ya. I went to this show in my hometown, and they were just SO hard to listen to. Just not for me I guess. The leading ladies are hot as hell though, that helped.. :)