Playlist: Deafheaven Vocalist George Clarke’s Black-Metal Make-Out Mix

Deafheaven may be the breakout heavy band of 2013, receiving accolades from just about everywhere, including Revolver, which recently named their sophomore full-length, Sunbather, the No. 2 Album of the Year. As the shoegaze-inflected black-metal group wraps up the year–during which frontman George Clarke has witnessed more than a few fans making out during his band’s set (read more here)–Revolver asked him to compile his Black-Metal Make-Out Mix.

1. Cradle of Filth, “A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil’s Whore)”

2. Primordial, “The Darkest Flame”

3. Nyktalgia, “Misere Nobis”

4. Lunar Aurora, “Sterna”

5. Coldworld, “Dream of a Dead Sun”

6. Xasthur, “Screaming at Forgotten Fears”

7. Forgotten Tomb, “Love Me Like You’d Love the Death”

8. Alcest, “Le Voyages De L’Âme”

9. Amesoeurs, “Bonheur Amputé”

10. Darkthrone, “Natassja In Eternal Sleep”

11. Leviathan, “Adored (Stone Roses cover)”

12. Cradle of Filth, “Malice Through the Looking Glass”


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  • z

    cradle of filth tho :/

  • Cripteia

    nice mix. I love Amesoeurs, Alcest and Lunar Aurora.

  • Joe

    Revolver seems to have forgotten a pretty significant return which baffles me. Extol has a new album out after 8 years that most reviewers have given no lower than an 8/10 or 4/5. Truly the metal album of the year and most underrated and unrecognized album of the year.

  • Mick

    Cool list but IMHO I miss some Heretoir or Apocynthion…

  • Gurrett William Beigle

    an impeccable list minus CoF

  • JeiSiN

    Mystic Forest, Eikenskaden, The Skaden, An Autumn for Crippled Children, Lantlos, Woods of Desolation

    • Andrew Ferris

      They can’t let anyone know about Lantlos or else all these mainstream mag/hipster webzines will discover where Deafheaven’s “original” style came from.

  • funeralshit

    cradle of filth isn’t black as fuck, but romantic black metal? How could they not be on the list? This list is perrrrfect

  • Ryan Craft

    remove the cradle of filth and all of this is relevant, solid black metal.

  • Jason Maher

    I would say the people complaining about CoF were not old enough to get how great this was when it was released. Their first albums were great in the context of their time and since the guys from Deafheaven are far removed from the bullshit of the scene will actually admit to it.

    • funeralshit

      yes, you worded it perfectly. agreed

  • killingspree

    Cradle Of Filth isn’t black metal, they are rotten garbage.

  • Robert

    What a fag. Half the bands he recommended are really even metal.

  • Austin Chandler Howe

    HAHAHA shoutouts to pissing people off with Cradle of Filth right off the bat, fucking respect.