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Playlist: Metal Mulisha Cofounder Brian Deegan's Pre-Race Mix

Playlist: Metal Mulisha Cofounder Brian Deegan's Pre-Race Mix

Motocross legend, off-road racer and co-owner of the Metal Mulisha, Brian “The General” Deegan is a pioneer in action sports.

Deegan is one of the most decorated Freestyle Motocross rider in the competition’s history with 16 X-Games medals to his name. He also has the elite distinction of being the only athlete to compete in every X-Games competition since the games’ inception. Most recently, Brian has dominated the off-road trucking world, taking his third Pro Lite Championship in 2013.

He will be racing the 2014 LOORS series in off road trucking in the Pro Lite and Pro 2 Series and just announced he will be the shoe sponsor for the 2014 "Yamalube Star Yamaha" Supercross/Motocross Team. The team will be wearing his signature Deegan 38/DVS sneakers.

Deegan is also an avid hard-rock and metal fan, so Revolver asked him what songs he listens to while getting ready for a race.

For more on Brian Deegan, visit his website, Facebook and Twitter.

1. P.O.D., "Alive"

2. P.O.D., "Boom"

3. Kid Rock, "American Bad Ass"

4. Metallica, "Master of Puppets"

5. Metallica, "Ride The Lightning"

6. Slayer, "Reign in Blood"

7. Mötley Crüe, "Shout at the Devil"

8. Guns N' Roses. "It's So Easy"

9. Megadeth, "Peace Sells"

10. Hank Williams Jr., "Country Boy Can Survive"

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