Playlist: Sevendust Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon’s Driving Mix

As Sevendust continues to tour behind their new album Black Out the Sun, Revolver asked the band’s frontman, Lajon Witherspoon, to share his driving playlist.



1. Whitesnake, “Forevermore”

2. Bruno Mars, “Moonshine”

3. The Weeknd, “Wicked Games”

4. Alter Bridge, “Waters Rising”

5. Big Wreck, “Control”

6. Ra, “Undertaken”

7. New Kids On The Block, “Wasted On You”

8. Jimi Hendrix, “Spanish Castle Magic”

9. Gojira, “L’Enfant Sauvage”

10. King’s X, “Dogman”


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  • matt6996

    wasnt expecting to see new kids on his list. eh more power to him

    • Torre Sims

      i know right lol, but lajon is that dude though lol

      • AZ justice

        You know him personally or something??

    • Joe Musolf

      Seeing as he’s a vocalist it doesn’t surprise me that he’d like a group more based on singing than instrumentation. Cool to see he likes a diverse selection of music.

  • MrG1BZ

    Surprised to not see Deftones or Pantera (and the like) on here actually.

    • Steve Smithwick

      Especially the Deftones part. Props for Gojira, though.

  • AZ justice

    Does anyone know why the rest of the tour is cancelled??????