Poll: Should GWAR Continue without Dave Brockie?

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GWAR announced they will headline this year’s GWAR-B-Q. The announcement follows the recent death of founding vocalist Dave Brockie, better known as his alien alter ego, Oderus Urungus. Brockie died on March 23 at age 50. In the announcement, the group left it open as to whether they would play additional dates or otherwise continue as a band. So we’re asking you, the fans: Do you think GWAR should continue without Dave Brockie? Let us know.


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  • poenus

    Dave Brockie himself said that Gear would outlive all of its members. I’m sure he would want it to continue. Gwar is much more than a show to me. I have loved their music since Hell-o! I listened to them before Scumdogs. I didnt even know they had any kind of show. Even when i bought Scumdogs i thought the cover was just dress up for picture day. No there was no WORLD WIDE WEB then. I was lucky enough to go see them and I couldnt believe my eyes. I laughed so hard i about died. Brockie was absolutely hilarious and I am not sure if they can maintain keeping my interest without his genius at the helm. I will support them if they find a suitable replacement that is not named Oderus Urungus. Oderus is gone forever. He has served the master!

  • The Man

    How dare anyone tell a band comprised of dozen or so musicians and performers, all in personified identities, that they can’t carry on merely because one member unexpectantly dies? That’s bullshit and unfair to say to these people that they must give up everything they also worked hard for, something that is a part of their lives for decades, something that basically defines who they are. You basically are asking them to give up playing music all together. Let’s face it, that’s about the only choice these people have because “No” means these people have to go back to square one. The odds of any one them re-creating one of a kind phenomina again is non-existant. With no GWAR they would be forced to join other existant bands where their very identities will be little more than a bullet point in the new band’s biography. It’s wrong and those people who say “No” should feel ashamed.

  • Kaptain_Kool

    Yeah, we already know how letting people vote online goes -cough-Golden Gods-cough-

  • TJ

    I think if anything that they should do a small memorial tour (or one big show) with an interchanging vocalist line-up to celebrate his life and then call it quits. But ultimately I agree it is up to the band.

  • Trendkilla

    I believe, (I might be wrong) that David Brockie would want it to continue. So a yes from me. Will it ever be the same, by no means.