Poll: What Is the Best Music Video of 2013?

We just posted our list of the Best Music Videos of 2013. Now we’re asking you, what is your favorite among our picks? Vote below, as many times as you want, to tell us–until the poll ends on January 3.

UPDATE: The poll has closed. To view the result, click here.


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  • http://www.theblacklaser.net/ Joe The Wizard


  • Tim

    Red Fang!

  • Baconcheese burger

    what a shame idiots vote for avenged shitfold

    • kellievengeance

      -_- go kill yourself

    • kellievengeance

      -.- go kill yourself

    • GUEST

      -.- go kill yourself

    • Chandler TheReverend Dunham

      Hey look, someone has an unpopular opinion, let’s tell them to kill themselves. I voted for A7X but just maybe this is why people say stuff like this?

    • A7XbeatYourBand

      Wow, look at you. Just another kid who wants attention. “Shitfold” doesn’t even make sense. Stop crying because your band didn’t get as many votes as Avenged Sevenfold.

  • kellievengeance

    Avenged Sevenfold!!! :3

  • Guest

    Avenged Sevenfold!!! :3

  • James

    Red Fang! What’s more metal than zombies drinking all the beer?

  • DanielSon

    I know a.s.p. is broken up at the moment but they did come out with Royalty into Exile video is 2013 , why is this not an option. Forcing me not to vote

  • Mary

    Avenged Sevenfolddd FoREVer

  • SomeKindaHate

    If anyone votes antything else then Red Fang, people have no sense of humor.. I haven’t seen funnier videos than those from Red Fang, and accompanied by helluva good tunes. VOTE RED FANG!!!

  • Mosshole

    red fang

  • Indy

    The A7X video was trippy as fck! I love it.

  • Afrizal Batara

    Avenged Sevenfold

  • Devin

    Avenged Sevenfold did have a cool one. The Motionless In White video was pretty cool. But you can never go wrong with Zombie. I would go for Rob on this one.

  • Alkaillah Si Sevenfoldism

    Avenged Sevenfold <3

  • Gabriel Pereira


  • Lespaul

    I am a7x fan but i think this mv is “Suck”

  • Syn Gates Jr.

    “know me by name, SHEPHERD OF FIRE” Avenged Sevenfold foREVer

  • Musicisthesavior

    I definitely have to vote for New Years Day. Not only is their music great, but they’re also great people. Plus the music video was great so hey.

  • Nick

    what no Alter Bridge or Halestorm? lame

  • Matheus

    Bring Me The Horizon is best

  • Anna

    Bring Me The Horizon’s videos for the Sempiternal singles rock.

  • Abby

    Motionless In White should to win this! 😉

  • Cole Catastrophe

    New Years Day all the way!

  • Sam

    The “Angel Eyes” video by New Years Day is just pure amazing!!!! *____*

  • oli<3

    guys what the fuck. BMTH SHOULD WIN



  • Adarius Smith

    NEW YEARS DAY!!!!!! Come on! >/

  • beeeluMotionless


  • beeeluMotionless

    or MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, Is fucking amazing, come on!

  • Russia

    Bring me the horizon the best!!!

  • devon wehrlin

    Motionless In White