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Poll: Who is the Hottest Dude in Hard Rock or Metal?

Poll: Who is the Hottest Dude in Hard Rock or Metal?

Every year, when we put out our annual Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock issue, we hear requests for a list of the Hottest Dudes in heavy music. So we have prepared this poll for you to tell us just who the sexiest of them all is. Below, we've started a short list of 16 of the guys you've told us are hot in the past, but, if you want, you can write in your own choice for other people to vote on, too. Who knows, we might just interview your top pick about his hotness.

UPDATE 1: The winner of the poll will be announced on Friday. We're hiding the poll results until then for maximum results. For more info, click here.

UPDATE 2: Due to the fact that pretty much every dude in every band is being written in as a candidate, we've suspended the option to add new hot rockers to the poll. If you can't find someone to vote for among the current 100-plus nominees, you're probably waaaay too picky.



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